Saturday, June 4, 2011


so guess what everyone.......ITS SUMMER TIME!!! FINALLY!! I have been ready for summer for about...6 months..ya. We had yearbook day on wednesday and it was actually pretty sad to be saying goodbye to some of these people. Then i went to graduation and i almost bawled. My other friends i was with didnt even seem to care but i was so sad! I look at these kids and think, wow, we had so many great memeories this year! We had been through so much together and it all came to an end. I will most likely not see any of those people, ever again! I guess that its just a new stage of life, and you have to move on. This year has been a huge learning experience for me and i have definetly learned what to do, and to what not to do. This year had a lot of firsts for me. First ever really having issues with friends, first time almost failing classes and having a hard time keeping my grades up and staying motivated, first ever having a hard time getting along with people on my basketball team and having just a really hard season in general, first relationship and that ending and all of the things that came with that, and just everything else. I have never been through so much in one year. If there is one thing that kept me sane, it would defiently be how amazing seminary was this year. I had the most amazing teachers, and kids in my class. I looked forward to seminary everyday. Brother Webb and brother Christiansen defiently kept me reading my scriptures, and praying daily, and writing in my journal, through hard times. They gave me a new perspective, and yearning to have the gospel in my life. This year has been my best year, when it comes to dedication with everything church related. When i think about it, its not like i had any less trials than usual. If you are doing the right things, that doesn't necessarily mean that your trials will go away. I think about all the things that have been so hard for me this year, and wonder how i got through them. Staying strong in those areas in your life, makes the trials easier to bare. They dont necessarily go away, they are just easier to get through. I always thought that i was this strong confident person and i knew everything i needed to know about life, and i had it all figured out. After going through these things, i realized that sometimes you need to go through those hard ships, to humble yourself a little bit, and realize once its over, what kind of joy you can have in your life.

Looking back at my junior year i am grateful for the things that have made me stronger, and changed me for the better.

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