Thursday, June 9, 2011

daddy stays home and plays with us all 3 :)

Wednesday was supposed to be the easy bike ride around the lindon trails, so that levi could tag along. Instead, we decided to put him on the tandem with my grandpa, so we could go anywhere we wanted to! He wasn't tall enough to pedal, so my grandpa definetly got a work out! It was such a beautiful day that we decided to keep going! We went all over lindon, then did round 2 of bridal veil falls! This time nate, levi and I hiked up the waterfall for a bit and just played in the water. This ride was a little harder than monday, and my granpa said it ended up being over 20 miles! We had a blast:)

Heres the gannngg

Pretty sure my grandpa is an iron man. He is in better shape than me! This sweet bike here? Ya he made it. genius he is.

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