Tuesday, August 23, 2011

mysterious men, homecoming, and school

so alot has happened since i last posted. i dont really know where to start but i will try to catch you guys up a little.

well first day of school of coarse! weirdest first day of school ever! and my last one! i had seminary first period and i have a few good friends in that period that i hope we end up being in the same class. felt like an IDIOT though because we did this game where you have to swat the right answer on the projector with a fly swatter and of coarse...brother hall picks me to go first for the seniors! ok i am cluuueeless when it comes to knowing the prophets of the old testament. so i didnt even slap it because i really had nooo idea. felt like an idiot but its fine. ill live. plus this boy i have been crushing on for 3 years had sem that period and hes a freakin genius! felt so dumb. oh well. i dont really care that much. he ended up being in my class but transfered out the second day. i told my friends he would because i think he hates me. or is just scared of me...haha i can see that. later i find out its becuase he wanted to be in a math class with his friends that period ( great excuse right?) but whatever. ok enough about boys. so i pretty much love all my classes though. i can already tell they are gonna be a party! heres my amazing schedule:

A1. seminary. interesting class....we will see how it turns out...

2. ap psycology. ya. party class for sure! love the kids, the teacher, and the subject

3.prostart. soooo fun. how would cooking every day and partying with cool kids NOT be fun?

4. conditioning. i have really enjoyed the coach freakin killing us every day actually. its fun.

B1. med anat. again, we will see about this class. interesting so far...

2. math. not a fan actually. ok B days are not my favorite obviously..

3.pack! i just cant explain how much fun pack is. i just love it all!

4. college writing. pretty sure the coolest group of kids EVER! all of my besties plus half of the coolest kids in the senior class. honestly.so pumped for a great year.

another piece of excited news...i got asked to homecoming! by the dear drew cornwall:) i freakin love this guy more than i love pickles in my tuna fish sandwiches. you may recognize his name/face being mentioned in a few previous posts. he is just..uh! i dont know. such a great guy and i hope he knows how excited i am to go with him. i hope he is excited to go with me too. i am just ....so excited! the dress situation is always such a hastle though. finding a knee length formal dress that is long enough for a 6 foot girl, is not easy my friends! i ordered two online and lets hope at least one of them work! heres to going to a dance with an amazing guy!

mmm what else has happened...

  1. i went to a john allred concert after we lost to american fork.. oh well. the concert was aaammaazing! out of the 5 concerts i have gone to by him..this is probably number 2. oh and i dont think i have seen so many attractive men in one place..wow. ok im not boy crazy i promise.

  2. made lots of posters for homecoming. super proud of them:)

  3. worked both saturday nights 4-midnight. its a party let me tell ya. sat nights are when the party kids work. i swear half of timp worked that night. we pretty much had a rubber band war after 11 when no one was there. we also danced in our check stands, and made funny faces. it was just...mm. so much fun:) i love working at maceys!

  4. did lots of psycology reading. fun stuff!

  5. summer sno closed:( ruined my life. but it will be back my friends! very soon indeed!

  6. watched sourse code and ate ice cream and curly fries with kendra. girls night! while every one else was either camping, working, or macking up a storm with their boyfriend.

  7. saw the mysterious man i mentioned in an earlier post that i keep seeing EVERYWHERE, again! why would you possibly want to be at a high school football game when you are in college?? oh well. let me just say that the whole "to become friends and to make it not awkward..you just have to give it time" thing...its tooottally true. i am feeling so much more satisfied on how hes acting now then he was 3 months ago. boys just have issues with only being friends with girls sometimes. its not a bad thing to still be friends! it wasnt for me, so why was it for him? oh well. its so much better now, and i think i finally feel like i can move on. hallelujiah!

well that is mostly what is going on with katie right now. not too exciting but thats fine:) so far...school isnt that bad. not at all. we shall see how i like it in a few weeks once midterm comes! now off to tunnel singing:)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

senior year.....

well this is what i did for the last week of my last summer of freedom:

worked 50 hours-totally made it worth it when i worked with the 3 most attractive guys on saturday. lucky me.

got my hair permed and cut-took foreeevvveerrr. it didnt even work really. what a waste of money..oh well. i still like it

bike ride with levi before i ran to work

made a poster for girls soccer ( i quite like it if you ask me)

ate a bagillion snow cones

long hard run with stac


shopping with my sister

locked my keys in my car at summer sno

laurel/priest social (helped plan it...quite proud actually. it turned out pretty fun between the j dawgs and the slip and slide)

hung out with devin drew and kendra playing scrud

got tacos at 11 after work with kendra and embaressed our selves in front of kids from our school that apparently knew us but we didnt know them..

went to the temple with drew and stacie and got kneaders-probably the highlight of my week

took a ride in drews rapist van. no worries. we were fine.

oh did i mention that we got to ride our neighbors borrowed toy? ha it was great fun

my dad

levi and i

nate and i

so now school practically starts tomorrow. i still cant belive that my senior year is here. i seriously cant grasp it. i am excited to start but then again not. this is why im excited

football games



my fun classes i have friends with

see all the people i havent seen all summer

school dances( i have decided i am going to go to every girls choice dance there is. i have a feeling i am not going to be asked to any boys choices because no one knows who i am. but thats ok. ill have fun at the girls choice ones! but i still hope i go to senior prom cuz i have never been to prom. come on. its every girls dream to go to senior prom)

and thats mostly it. these are the things i am not excited about

getting up early

going to bed early


dumb boys

drama that you always end up being in the middle of no matter how much you avoid it

cold weather

turning 18


i am just not ready to be an adult! but at the same time i want to grow up sooooo bad. sick of high school. but i love high school too. ugh so difficult for my brain haha.

heres to making our senior year the best year yet and doing all the things i never did but now im going to do! hazaww!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

intense my friends..intense

every girl has that one boy that they'll never get over. that one guy who makes you laugh all the time. the one who gives you butterflies just when someone mentions his name. the one who has his name written all over your heart. the one who you compare to everyone. the one you never get sick of talking about. the one everyone thinks you can do better than. the one you ask why her and not me. the one when you first saw him you knew you loved him. the one that in some way ends up not being yours.

so i saw this on someones status on fb and it made me think a little. this is insanly true and accurate. pathetic i know. but it is. theres your pathetic post of the day my friends.

Monday, August 15, 2011

ruined my day

imagine this-you get all cute for work so that you can somehow impress that boy, you walk into maceys and see him and your heart jumps across the room. you go upstairs and put your stuff in your locker. you check the schedule so that you know if your a courtesy clerk or a cashier. you then realize that you are not even working today. you are working tomorrow...........oh fami!! ruined my day. so i got all ready for nothing. plus now my schedule at summer snow is all messed up. what we do to impress boys....

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead

alright folks..here is passion pit! their stuff is super weird and original and i love it! enjoy this really weird video that blows my mind.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

meteor shower

im just a little obsessed with stars. and space. and stuff. there is the famous meteor shower these past few days. unfortunatly, tis a full moon. which means its going to be really hard to see. im debating if i want to stay up till 4:30 and watch it. or go to bed at midnight after work..and wake up at like 4:00...mm...

i really want to watch it but im not sure my mom would go for me going with a bunch of friends in the early morning to watch stars..haha

Friday, August 12, 2011

velour ..again people

here are 3 of the bands that played last night. so good. the neighbors and blind actuaries were my favorite!

the neighbors

chasing kings

blind actuaries

(paper clouds doesnt have one)

well...4th time to this amazing place. i should stop going there. its bad for my confused brain. anyways, stacie had a friend that was playing at the velour so a bunch of us decided to tag along to the concert. paper clouds(or i think they changed their name to friends of friends...), blind actuaries, chasing kings, and the neighbors were the bands playing. they were all super super good. i got two of their c.d.s and i cant stop listening to them! it was way fun and i love hearing new weird music. i will have to post some videos by them soon....

for now..im off to bed because i have to be up at 8 so i can go to my parade for PACK! then to an 8 hour work day:) cant wait:)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

pooch bellies

sometimes i work 11 hours.

sometimes i work with a very attractive man that makes me smile every time he looks at me


sometimes we do silly dances when no ones in our line

sometimes we talk about basketball

or dumb friends

or kool aid errr

and sometimes....

working that long is totally worth it when you spend time with such a cool guy

why do i always end up liking the ones with gorgeous smiles, dark hair, good smelling cologne, and cute pooch bellies that they openly admit they have?..haha. why?

oh well....

Sunday, August 7, 2011

that feeling

so THAT is why i felt like i needed to go to sacrament meeting today! today was my little cousins baby blessing so my family was going to skip sacrament meeting because we had already gone to one. well i decided to go alone to our church, and i really dont know why i really wanted to go. much to my surprise, brother bingham called me up to bare my testimony about girls camp. i have never stood up and bore my testimony....ever. it was terrifying!!! but i really think it strengthened my testimony, and i hope it strengthened someones testimony out in the audience. i was so grateful for this opportunity to get over my fear today.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

awkward picture..week 2

so here we are folks..week 2. ok this picture is pretty amazing i much say. this was after a great weekend night in like january or so. i dont remember exactly what we did. i do rememeber driving everywhere trying to find somewhere to eat. we ended up at arbys eating curly fries and a shake. i dont rememeber what was so funny about this night but i remember laughing really hard. we took lots of ugly pictures in my car because we didnt want to go home yet. i dont even know how to explain this picture...

love it:)

finally took a shower my friends

well i am home!! had so much fun this year! this was a really different year from any other, but it was great none the less!! my camera died 3 pictures in haha so i have no pictures!! so i am going to steal from all my friends! but they all take forever to upload pictures so be patient cuz im sure you want to hear about my adventures ha. now im off to bed my friends:)

Monday, August 1, 2011

girls camp is here!!!

alright avid readers { he he ya..} sorry no posts for a whole stinkin week!! i would post something awesome tonight but my schedule wouldn't allow it!!!

{if you can name that movive..10 brownie points to you}

here is how these next 24 hours is gonna go down

this morning i have to prepare a devotional, mop floors, do secret sister gifts, then bike to work

work at summer sno from 12-4 { or hopefully getting off a little early so i can get to maceys on time..}

work at maceys from 4-11..yikes. plus i am a checker and i am still learning and i am super stressed obout this!!!

laurie is then coming over to my house to sleep over cuz her family is not home. i feel bad cuz she wont be able to come over till probably 11:20.

sleeping till probably 5 then getting up for girls camp!!

dang...now that i have 2 jobs everything is super crazy cramped. oh well. i love my jobs!!!

a week of amazing girls and leaders, the spirit with you always, no technology, dirt, good food, and just everything else!! cant wait:)