Friday, June 10, 2011

daddy stays home and plays with us all 5:)

Last night we slept out on the deck!! It was quite the adventure:) Yet camera would not cooperate..but i tried my best.

And yes..that is my dog..mitzi. We tried to get her to come sleep outside, but she got cold. She last about 20 minutes haha

Sleepin under the stars:) one of my most favorite things to do!

So then we got up bright and early and went hiking up stewart falls! We were not that surprised when we ran into lots and lots of snow!

The beginning of the hike

There was so much snow this year, that there were slides everywhere. This here is a tree that had been ripped out, and covered the trail. This picture doesn't even do it justice!!

The pretty view

On one of the slides

The coolest dad on the planet!!

On the other side of the slide

stewart falls:) all snowied up

The hikin crew

This is not us, but i just wanted to show how scary this was. The slide was completly covering the trail at this point. We had so practically slide across, and it was crazy scary!

Sledding in june!

All these trees had fallen into the trail and we had quite the adventure climbing up and over these babies.

We made it to the end!

-this week has been amazing! My dad stayed home all week, and we did something fun every day as a family! It was nice to just have a week to spend time with my family. It didn't cost hardly any money, or time to plan, so that made it so much fun! thanks dad for being the coolest dad ever! love you so much!-

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  1. Katie! You guys are sooo cool! Sleeping out on the deck? So fun! my family would never do that! I love you guys(: Oh and 20 mile bike ride!?! Holy cow! Your gonna be so fit! Such a fun idea to spend time together(: I LOVE your blog!