Monday, June 6, 2011

daddy stays home and plays with us all 1 :)

So my dad had two weeks of vacation for the summer to take. One week is flaming gorge of coarse, and one week is usually vegas to see our cousins. Well this year we dont really have the time or the money to go so...he took a whole week off to spend time with us for a whole home! So day 1...we biked up to bridal veil/vivian park. Levi was a little to young to go and my mom refuses. Then my grandpa goes up almost every day and rides to vivian, so we invited him to tag along. Now that hes recently retired, he doesn't have alot going on so he was totally on board!! So we left the house at 10, and it was already quite hot outisde. We got most of the way up and riley started to have a hard time. We think she has asthma because she always has troubles breathing when we bike up there. So my grandpa decided to ride back down with riley. We were actually just around the corner from bridal, so i wish she would have hung in there but it was alright. I hope that we can somehow fix that problem so that won't hold her back anymore.

Here is a terribly blurry picture of me coming back down the trail..can you say GORGEOUS?? honestly guys, we are so blessed. We live 10 minutes from the canyon, and all the things it offers. I just love the smell, and the beautiful sun shining down on us today, and the birds, and pretty trees, and happy people in the canyon. I am so grateful for utah:)

Here is whats left of the "bike group" that went up. Thank you to the random man that took this picture for us:)

Daddy and nate

ha we are kinda dorks. and related. can you tell?

taking a break at vivian and basking in the sunlight

vivian park-final destination

man i love him. hes such a dork

beautiful bridal veil falls. This place right here has brought me some of the best memories throughout my life

bike ride on the tandem bike with my grandparents, almost losing my bike to the rath of the rushing river next to us

bike ride with kendra last summer

bike ride with the gang last summer

driving up with jarred, parking at nuns, and hiking to the middle of bridal. I had never hiked up a waterfall in the middle of january to it was definetly an adventure. We are also not dressed very appropriatly to be hiking through snow haha. It was quite the hilarious adventure, but was definetly a ton of fun. That day was the start of one of my most favorite days ever in the history of katie calders life.

man..alot of memories.

I am so grateful for times like these, and for my dad for spending time with us. It definetly means the world us.

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