Saturday, June 18, 2011

they've done it again

its time to tell you ( if you didnt already know this) that i am completly obsessed with so you think you can dance! It is pretty much the only show i watch regularly, and it never seizes to amaze me! This week was the first week with the top 20, and this number was amazzzzinngg:) for one thing, i love travis wall, the choreography, ever since he was on the show! He is amazing! And i love contemporary:) I also love melanie, she is probably my favorite girl. There have seriously been some amazing numbers on this show, and this one could be an emmy biggie:) watch this! the story behind it is that they are statues becoming one by the end. sooo good:) enjoy!

i think i will start regularly posting my favorite numbers from the show..cuz i love watching them too!

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  1. KATIE! So I thought i commented before but i guess i didn't.... as you probably know im a big sytycd fan too and right when you posted about that song i was like oh yah, i need to do that! Haha... so that's why i posted like the same thing right after i read yours(: your blog is just too great i have to steal your ideas!! so yah(: Just in case you were wondering...!