Monday, June 6, 2011

random band post....week 3:)

Alright folks..random band week 3 i guess! This here is John Allred:) i am pretty much almost madly in love with this man. First time i saw him play was at the riverwoods in the pouring rain with stacie and dakota. I loved his stuff so much! He did a few really good covers of jimmy eat world, and a really great acoustic medly of some popular songs. He then did a few originals and stuff. He was awesome!

Stacie heard about him playing at the velour in may so we were definetly in!! I wrote about that concert in another post so ya. So this is his original, tomb. This song is about the death of a relationship. Even though its kind a sad song, its really pretty, and super honest. I heard this at the concert, and it is probably one of my favorites by him. This was probably the best video i coudl find of his stuff so if you want more, look him up!

Enjoy!! :)

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