Friday, June 17, 2011

babysitting and maceys

mon-thurs mornings i was pretty much babysitting these guys. we had our timpanogos camp this week, and team was supposed to come and help demonstrate for the kids. nate got to do it too so that was kinda fun. sometimes a little frustrating though becuase i was seriously babysitting 60 kids....rough. fun experience though.

i am now an official employee of maceys grocery store:) i have put in 11 hours this week just working at maceys and so far i really like it! i took a shift today last minute, and it was offically my first real shift. i was so scared, but it ended up being pretty good. i really love the other employees, and being able to see everyone i know! everyone knows that maceys is the popular hang out place..right? haha. between working at maceys, and summer sno, it is gonna kick my butt! really grateful though that i have a way to earn money for college:)

cute little apron and nametag:)

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