Saturday, June 4, 2011

heart to heart

Thursday night i went to the graduation stomp. It was a party! Lots of moshing and such..oh dear it was a riot.

Then the senior all nighter was next up for the night. Seeing as i am not a senior, we were kicked out. We didn't really want to go home so we were planning on going to see xmen at midnight. Well that didn't work because my parents were asleep, and there was no way they would let me go seeing as that i would have to wake them up, and they would not be in a good mood. So we walked laurie home, cuz she couldn't go either. Then stacie, drew, and I had a pretty interesting conversation until midnight..haha.

Then i dropped off stacie and i went back to my house. Then drew and I had a pretty good heart to heart in the morning?? ya. Holy crap i thought i was going to be in so much trouble! But surprisingly, i wasnt! Don't you just love when you have a friend that you just enjoy talking to soooo much? Sometimes you just have to vent, and sometimes your friends are not there for you when you need them most. Well..this here man? He was. Its crazy how we are going through almost the exact same things. It was nice to get a different perspective from a guy. He is seriously one of the nicest people i know, and i love that we could just talk about things that matter more than last weeks play-off game in the NBA. Sometimes talking to an amazing friend is all you need to help you keep going:)

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