Sunday, June 5, 2011

lemon lime sno cone

Friday night I was flavorin up some snow cones in the back of the shack, and my aunt comes over to me and asks, " does that man look familiar to you?" and i i dont think so! So as i am flavorin up his order of a small lemon lime sno cone, i took it to the window, and i realized who it was. Elder Holland had come to summer sno to get a sno cone with his grandkids!!! Once i heard him speak, i totally knew who it was. It was so crazy!! He is one of my favorite apostles because i love how powerfully he speaks. He is such an inspiration to me, and i honestly could feel the spirit just like radiating out of him when i realized who it was!! Once in a lifetime experience right there:) It totally made my day:)

OH p.s.

he tipped us:) 50 cents to be exact:)

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