Wednesday, June 8, 2011

daddy stays home and plays with us all 2 :)

Levi had to stay home from the bike ride on monday because we were going too far for him to ride with us. But my dad made sure that he got time with him later that day. This here is my dad making a tool box with levi. Levi really wanted a real chainsaw..haha right...but instead we got him a real mini hammer and electric screw driver. He has been wanting to use them for something, so they made a tool box! Levi loves working with dad, and is always by his side when he is doing a project:)

Da finished product {which he was very proud of}

So tuesday was our hike up battle creek. I hand't done this hike since i lived in pg so i was really excited!

Being silly on the way up in the car

The view from the beginning of the hike...sooo pretty!

Starting up the hill

Pretty waterfallllll

Up the river we go!

Stoppin on the bridge for a quick picture

I love them:)

We had to cross the river of unpredictablness!!! so scary:)

Pretty timp

Pretty dang good view from up there! Perfect day:)

I was having fun.. haha hiking makes me very happy :)

Part of the trail

descending the mountain

We made it to the falls! Soo pretty. Im planning on repelling down this baby next week!!

Sorry the pictures are really blury but you get the picture. It was really really windy right next to the falls, and i was soaked by the end of 2 minutes because of the mist!

The highlight of the hike for sure!

our heirrr was kinda crazy

The falls were so pretty!

Quick pic on a logggg

waiting for levi and dad to catch up

The river is the trail...

On our way back down

The shutter wasn't open all the way for this picture, but i thought it was kinda cool...

It was an amazing day for sure. The weather was perfect, we had a fun time, enjoyed the mountain air, and everything else! I love days like these:)

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