Monday, May 30, 2011

dry canyon, fiesta pack, and just dance..

This weekend=BOMB! I am going to work backwards because i uploaded the pictures backwards.

A bunch of us hiked up dry canyon saturday morning. I had never hiked up dry canyon so i was pretty excited. We went up the left side?? i guess.

We got to this little spot and the boys went and explored a little bit, and they found an empty river bed. We decided to take that way up the mountain instead of the trail, just for the sake of adventures. Let me just tell ya, it was quite the adventure for sure! It took us about 40minutes to get to the little opening, when it would have taken about 6 minutes if we took the trail haha. It was the best! Then we went back down and went up this trail that took us to the top of the cliff that everyone repells off of. We all hung our legs off the edge and its incredible what kind of adrenaline rush it gives you!! Then the boys, being boys, kept getting way too close to the edge, and climbing down little cracks in the rocks. I was gonna kill them! Anyways, we had a blast and made some pretty great memories i will remember forever:)

Up on a little hill, chilling for a bit.

cute little lisa:)

We decided to pose on the water pumps....notice me me in the very back of the picture haha

devin and lia..awww

laurie and drew!

I love this picture

drew- the drill sargent

devin-trying to be manly


brett- peeing?? ha

lisa- wait? i was in that picture?

Drew decided to put his shirt on his head..i seriously do not rememeber why haha

ddrryy canyon

We then headed over to summer sno to get a snow cone..classic.

Laurie made the suggestion we go to del we did! We got the fiesta pack and all pitched in a buck of two. Not gonna lie..i really like their burritos..just saying. Sooo worth 49 cents!! This is what poor teenagers buy on the weekends to satisfy there hungry little tummies. We had quite the adventure there thats for sure.

The group then dispersed for a few hours so that we could get some things done while the day was still young.

We met up again later with a few other friends. We couldn't really find a place to have the party becuase no one wanted to go to their houses, and our houses cant really hold 10 people comfortably. We ended up going to my house, which by the way is probably the smallest one of all haha.

We started into a game of idiot, and it got pretty crazy. My mom made us her famous popcorn and the kids digged it. Then a few more friends showed up and we decided to bag the card game. I then set up just dance and let me just tell of the most enteirtaining things i have ever seen!! Everyone played but julie and it was sooooo hilarious to see the guys dance!! We had a definete blast doing that.

We then started into a few rounds of mario kart before the night was over. It was the most random night ever, and those are the best nights for sure:) I had to open the windows in my house becuase it was getting way too hot with all those people in my house!! And then some of the boys kept climbing out of the windows....quite strange if you ask me. Once they left, i could smell the smoke from sterling and julie, because the came from a bonfire, and the sweat from everyone dancing. It was quite gross haha. Epic night for sure:)

Friday night, i kinda ditched my friends and took a shift and the shack. I am honesty desperate for money right now so i totally took it without question. We had a blast. I kind of already wrote about this in my other post. All i gotta say, is it was a blast. I love working there!! Below are some random pictures from last season, or the season before, and some of the crazy things that go on at summer sno!

One time we had a late night cravings night, and we were open until 1 am!! I didn't get to go, but i heard it was a party!

This is what happens when you fill at the end of your shift..haha.

This is Hillary. She likes to sit under the counter while we have customers there. haha actually what happened is that she was sitting there, and then a customer came and she just decided to stay down there. Then she would hand the customers straws haha. It was quite funny

Sometimes we have no customers, and this is what kate does...when shes bored haha

sometimes after our shifts, kendra and I both are determined to finish jumbos....soo we did:)

Jumbo strawberry cheesecake, coconut, silver fox avalanche...finished..:)

Riley and I getting our first snow cones of 2010!

First snow cones of 2010!

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