Thursday, June 23, 2011

time to catch up...

time to catch up from what..2 weeks ago?

sometimes we decide to go on a bike ride half way between bridal and vivian, then hike up to this random falls. it was awesome! we ran into some interesting things up there that made it that much more exciting:)

our bikes chained up. on to the hiking part of the adventure!

the silly boys on the random concrete graffitied house

the girls :)

the little love birds

ha one of the most awkard pictures ever

the macho sterling

cute little laurie

we are really good at taking awkward pictures haha

devin was pretty excited when he found this

the scariest part...climbing up the rope!!

he decided to get all the way under the waterfall..haha good job drew

Sunday, June 19, 2011

new addiction

i think i might have a new favorite dessert....:)

fresh strawberries

with cream

loovvvee it:)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

they've done it again

its time to tell you ( if you didnt already know this) that i am completly obsessed with so you think you can dance! It is pretty much the only show i watch regularly, and it never seizes to amaze me! This week was the first week with the top 20, and this number was amazzzzinngg:) for one thing, i love travis wall, the choreography, ever since he was on the show! He is amazing! And i love contemporary:) I also love melanie, she is probably my favorite girl. There have seriously been some amazing numbers on this show, and this one could be an emmy biggie:) watch this! the story behind it is that they are statues becoming one by the end. sooo good:) enjoy!

i think i will start regularly posting my favorite numbers from the show..cuz i love watching them too!

Friday, June 17, 2011

babysitting and maceys

mon-thurs mornings i was pretty much babysitting these guys. we had our timpanogos camp this week, and team was supposed to come and help demonstrate for the kids. nate got to do it too so that was kinda fun. sometimes a little frustrating though becuase i was seriously babysitting 60 kids....rough. fun experience though.

i am now an official employee of maceys grocery store:) i have put in 11 hours this week just working at maceys and so far i really like it! i took a shift today last minute, and it was offically my first real shift. i was so scared, but it ended up being pretty good. i really love the other employees, and being able to see everyone i know! everyone knows that maceys is the popular hang out place..right? haha. between working at maceys, and summer sno, it is gonna kick my butt! really grateful though that i have a way to earn money for college:)

cute little apron and nametag:)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

i had to

guys..i had to do it. We get BYU magazine becuase my mom is alumni, and i finally got around to reading one of the issues that had an article on jimmer. It was a pretty amazing article, and i learned somethings i never would have known otherwise! My favorite part, was the..


james t. fred.dette n. obsolete see jimmer

jim.mer also THE JIM.MER n. : all-american byu basketball player guard 2. a shooter who is in range when he steps off the bus. 3. a basketball maneuver with a high degree of difficulty

jim.mer interj. shouted after one makes an exceedinly long or difficult basketball shot

jim.mer v: to outmatch a team or player on the basketball court with a barrage or improbably 3-pointers and labyrinthine drives to the hoop [often, but not exclusively, used in reference to jimmer fredette]; jim.mered past part: chiefly chanted in large crowds ["YOU GOT JIMMERED"] n: the nationwide obsession with jimmer's game beginning in january 2011

jim.mer range n: a shooting distance 5-15 feet beyond the normal college 3-point arc

[" he launched that from jimmer range!!"]

jim.mer.time n: when jimmer fredette takes over a game with an exposion of points

the jim.mer show n: 1 a 2010-11 BYU men's basketball game; 2. jimmer fredette's entertaining and prodigous style of play; 3. seemingly endless jimmer fredette highlights videos on youtube

crazy elevation. come on know you love him!


typical jimmer. i was at this game. yeahhh!

i sure hope he goes to the jazz. He said in an interview the top 2 teams he wants to go to are the knicks and jazz. He says those are the two teams that he thinks he would fit in best. Either way..whoever gets him? Jimmer show. If i have to become a knicks fan..sure why not. as long as i am watching the jimmer show.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

we could be twins..but that would be weird.

why do you put up with them?

why do you let them pull you down?

why do you act like everything is alright when really, they hurt you? deep.

why is it that you fall for them, when you could do sooooo much better?

why do you think your not worth it?

why are you too much of an amazing person, to tell them to bug off until they treat you right?

why are you so much like me that we could be the same person?

awkwardly funny

kookie [or however you spell that word..]

never wanting to make enemies, so you put on a face.

i dont know if its true

maybe it is

i might be fallin for you

here is a crystal clear example of...

true love you GROW into

not FALL into


Death Cab For Cutie - The Ice Is Getting Thinner

Well this is going to be my random band post..and something else.

This is death cab for cutie and i havent heard a ton of their stuff..but what i have heard, i love!!

These lyrics are amazing. They also quite accuratly describe the last few months of my life....crazy weird. Ironically enough, i heard this song becuase the person that this involves..posted it on fb. So i have no idea if they are trying to tell me something or not, or if its completly coincidentle. Either ya go.

The ice is getting thinner-death cab for cutie

We're not the same, dear, as we used to be

the seasons have changed and so have we

there was little we could say and even less that we could do

to stop the ice from getting thinner under me and you

we buried our love in the wintery grave

a lump in the snow was all that remained

but we stayed by its side, as the days turned to weeks

and the ice kept getting thinner with every word that we'd speak

when the spring arrived, we were taken by surprise

when the flows under our feet led into the sea

and nothing was left of you and me

we're not the same dear it seems to me

there's nowhere we can go with nothing underneath

then it saddens me to say what we both knew were true

that the ice was getting thinner under me and you

The ice was getting thinner under me and you.....

Friday, June 10, 2011

daddy stays home and plays with us all 5:)

Last night we slept out on the deck!! It was quite the adventure:) Yet camera would not cooperate..but i tried my best.

And yes..that is my dog..mitzi. We tried to get her to come sleep outside, but she got cold. She last about 20 minutes haha

Sleepin under the stars:) one of my most favorite things to do!

So then we got up bright and early and went hiking up stewart falls! We were not that surprised when we ran into lots and lots of snow!

The beginning of the hike

There was so much snow this year, that there were slides everywhere. This here is a tree that had been ripped out, and covered the trail. This picture doesn't even do it justice!!

The pretty view

On one of the slides

The coolest dad on the planet!!

On the other side of the slide

stewart falls:) all snowied up

The hikin crew

This is not us, but i just wanted to show how scary this was. The slide was completly covering the trail at this point. We had so practically slide across, and it was crazy scary!

Sledding in june!

All these trees had fallen into the trail and we had quite the adventure climbing up and over these babies.

We made it to the end!

-this week has been amazing! My dad stayed home all week, and we did something fun every day as a family! It was nice to just have a week to spend time with my family. It didn't cost hardly any money, or time to plan, so that made it so much fun! thanks dad for being the coolest dad ever! love you so much!-