Sunday, December 18, 2011

im an adult?

so it was my birthday on december the 7th.  it was quite the glorious day! my friend bought me lunch at good! then after practice i went home and showered really quick, and i went to olive garden for the first time with my sister and mother! it say the least..delicious! then i got to go to the byu basketball game with my dad and brothers. it was such a fun game to watch!  then i got to open my presents which consisted of a new coat and gloves-exactly what i wanted:) when i was pulling up in my driveway...i see laurie and stacie chalking my driveway and then scrambling when they saw that i was coming haha. so i was not allowed to look at my driveway until they said so haha. then i looked on my doorstep..and kneaders cookies had been left on my porch by robby and carson! completly made my day:) then drew put streamers and balloons on my doorstep haha. that was funny because i saw him doing it haha. so then i ventured down to my room..and laurie had toilet papered my room! and left presents in my room. it was the best:) i dont have any pictures because i dont have a camera unfortunatly..but it was a great birthday:) i am so grateful for the amazing friends and family that i have in my life, and for everyone that made my birthday a great day:)