Tuesday, June 14, 2011

i had to

guys..i had to do it. We get BYU magazine becuase my mom is alumni, and i finally got around to reading one of the issues that had an article on jimmer. It was a pretty amazing article, and i learned somethings i never would have known otherwise! My favorite part, was the..


james t. fred.dette n. obsolete see jimmer

jim.mer also THE JIM.MER n. : all-american byu basketball player guard 2. a shooter who is in range when he steps off the bus. 3. a basketball maneuver with a high degree of difficulty

jim.mer interj. shouted after one makes an exceedinly long or difficult basketball shot

jim.mer v: to outmatch a team or player on the basketball court with a barrage or improbably 3-pointers and labyrinthine drives to the hoop [often, but not exclusively, used in reference to jimmer fredette]; jim.mered past part: chiefly chanted in large crowds ["YOU GOT JIMMERED"]

jim.mer.ma.nia n: the nationwide obsession with jimmer's game beginning in january 2011

jim.mer range n: a shooting distance 5-15 feet beyond the normal college 3-point arc

[" he launched that from jimmer range!!"]

jim.mer.time n: when jimmer fredette takes over a game with an exposion of points

the jim.mer show n: 1 a 2010-11 BYU men's basketball game; 2. jimmer fredette's entertaining and prodigous style of play; 3. seemingly endless jimmer fredette highlights videos on youtube

crazy elevation. come on ...you know you love him!


typical jimmer. i was at this game. yeahhh!

i sure hope he goes to the jazz. He said in an interview the top 2 teams he wants to go to are the knicks and jazz. He says those are the two teams that he thinks he would fit in best. Either way..whoever gets him? Jimmer show. If i have to become a knicks fan..sure why not. as long as i am watching the jimmer show.

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