Thursday, April 28, 2011

Recent happenings

Tuesday Highlights:

Stacie and i went to the Timp soccer game at Orem high and it was so much fun! It was sunny half the time, and half the time it was cloudy. It was so windy too, but it was so much fun! They won 3-2 in double over time and they played so well!! It was amazing! We both know most of the guys on both teams, so it was fun to go watch them play. The last game i went to i got a free t-shirt so stacie made me wear it over my hoodie haha. We sat on the orem side and got some funny stares everytime we cheered for timpanogos......:) you boys are amazing!

Highlight number 2 for tuesday was that we got to play just dance for mutual at celestes house!! I love my ward, especially my laurels. We always have a blast and they are just the sweatest girls!! I seriously could not wish for a better ward. I love all the girls, all ages:) I am kinda sad that i don't know the beehives as well but i hope i will able to get to know them before i leavvve:( Anyways, Just dance is kinda a laurel traditon so we decided to play it and just have a fun day for once. I love days like these:)

Wednesday Happenings-
Because of my lame wisdom teeth surgery, i was not able to do anything active at all last week, and it practically drove me into insanity sitting around all day!! I was finally ok to do some stuff this week so i went ahead and took a leap of faith, and played in 2 spring fling bball games on wendesday. Well, to start out, i had to be there at 5:30 so i could help with the clock and then i played in the 8 and 9 o'clock games after that. Only 5 girls showed up for the game at 8, and we didn't have a coach until half time, so it was pretty interesting. I went running earlier in the day and that was a very bad mistake first of all. Plus, i am outta shape because of my surgery so playing almost the whole game almost killed me. I scored twice in the first game so i was proud of that but i don't think i played very well over all. The second game we had a few more players so it was a little better but honestly we didn't play very well. Although Danni really impressed me and i think she has improved a ton just since the end of the season last year. It was a fun experience and a little different then the usual structered basketball that we play soooo it was fun.

Thursday...the only warm day of the week!!
Thursday was amazing:) It was almost 70 degrees and it was just a good day. Stacie wanted to go hike the Y this week so we decided that would be a lot of fun, so pretty much on the spot, we decided to hike it!! First we went to go watch a little bit of the softball game because it was senior night, and i had wanted to watch some of my friends play and it was my last chance to watch them at home. So we went to see them play for a little bit, then made our way up the mountain! It seriously....kicked my butt. Anyone whos hiked it knows what im talking about. Its really short and has an amazing view, but it is super steep. I was tired 4 minutes into it! I loved it though. It is totally worth it and it was worth it just to spend time with some of my besties:) I love my friends so much i can't even tell you:) We are so hilarious and i have fun with these girls all the time! I honestly don't know what i would do withou them:) The pictures below are just some silly pictures we took while we were up there:)

I told them to jump, so they did, and being the awesome photographer i am, i got this lovely picture!! :-)

Once nice one:) lovvvee it!

Sometimes we pull our pants up really high and act like dorks:) why not right?? We pull it off pretty well not gonna lie!

Again with the awesome photography!! Haha not! Stacie pondering...

Beautiful Utah Valley!

I can see my house! ;)

Sometimes laurie doesn't know we took the picture and i cut stacie out..haha

My new nick name is giraffe! At least the chief looks cute! haha

This picture just makes me laugh because i fail at pictures..haha.

Awww aren't we cute?

Love these days:)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Les Miserables

Today i went to see Les Mis at orem high school. The saturday evening show had to be canceled because of a flood in the boys dressing room. So to make up for the show, they did an extra matinee at 3 today for 3 dollars. I figured this was a great bargain and i have been wanting to see this play for a long time, so i dragged riley along with me, and we went to see it. I really really liked it. The only thing was that it was kinda hard to understand because everything was singing, there were no talking parts. That makes it a little harder to understand, but i caught on by the end. If there was one thing i could go back and do, it would be to be in a play. At this point, i am involved with different things now there is no way i could. But in jr high i think i could have, and really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed it and, and loved seeing some of my friends from canyon view tearin it up on the stage!! You guys are amazing!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Sometimes i get a jamba gift card and get the largest mango-a-go-go they have

Sometimes kendra, lisa, and i share the jamba, then head off to maceys for round 2 ice cream

Sometimes we watch Cinderella Story and quote practically the whole movie and just have lots of laughs:)

Sometimes a few of the girl cousins take a picture. And i love these girls. Not just some times. All the time:)

Sometimes i ask what our faces would look like if we were falling off a cliff...

Sometimes i ask what my our faces would look like if edward died....

Sometimes we try to take easter family pictures.....

Old man look nate??

Sometimes the easter bunny visits my house and hides my basket under towels and makes me look for them for 30 minutes (but knows my favorite candy)

Sometimes laurie and i do super spontanious things like drop off signs at random boys houses souly for our enteirtainment....

And sometimes?? I get calls at midnight asking me what the sign in my yard was......and i tell them i dont know ...and they are super confused....:)

Sometimes i go to a timp soccer game when its 30 degrees outside with kendra and i get wheat thins taken from my hands and free t-shirts:)

Sometimes my mom makes pasta salad on saturday that it keeps stareing me in the face until sunday night when i finally get to partake of it:)

Sometimes we frost cupcakes and put green coconut and jelly beans on top for easter:)

Sometimes we color hard boiled eggs for easter where only my mom, dad, occasionally riley, and I eat them:)

Sometimes i wake up saturday morning and see my brothers reinacting the movie "tron" in the kitchen by makin paper plate discs.

 just have to sit back and think..i am so blessed. I love my life:)

Friday, April 22, 2011

just do it

Ok, i am just gonna give my little speal about.... prom.... because i think every single boy should hear this. Every single girl in high school, wants to go to prom. I don't care what excuses they have... i suck at dancing and dances are so awkward anyways, and i dont even care if i get asked because there is always my senior year and i dont like any of the boys anyways, and they are all goobs anyways....on and on. Every girl has some excuse. Im sorry, but they are just not true. Every girl wants to go to prom. Girls have been dreeeaaming about this since they were 8 years old seeing all of the yw in their ward all dressed up that one sunday of the year, and thinking, " I cant wait until i get to wear a big beautiful dress like that and dance the night away at prom with a cute boy!!" Every girl has that dream. For every boy that decides he is not going to prom, that is one girl that doesn't get to go to prom, and her dream is crushed. For us juniors, it is even worse than the sophmores. I rememeber last year, not being asked, and seeing a lot of my friends go to prom. It wasn't that bad last year because i always thought, hey i always have the next two years. Well one of those two next years... is now here. And none of my friends have been asked. What is wrong with boys??? Do they always have to ask the same girls to dances? Why can't they think, ahh maybe i should ask that one girl in my english class, or math class or whatever. She is super nice and i have been to dances with the same people. Maybe i should branch out a little and give some other girls a chance to go and have fun for once. I just feel like boys don't make any effort to consider any other girls than the same ones that they associate with every day. The point of going on dates is to get to know people better and make new friends. Every single dance i have been to i barely even knew my date. The ones that i asked, i didn't know barely at all. I wanted to get to know more people, and thats why i asked those people. So the point of this whole boring post about prom is that......boys should ask girls to prom!!! There are waayyyyy too many girls out there that just want to go. I honestly can not think of one boy that if they asked me, i would say no. Honestly, girls are not very picky. Unless they are jerks. And most girls aren't. SOOO ...boys ask girls to prom!!! Just do it!! If you were to go to one school dance a year it should be prom. Everyone says money is an issue..well it shouldn't be. You can go to prom for like 40 dollars. You can go for really cheap. Borrow a tux from a brother, or friends brother. Have your mom make the corsage. Have dinner at your house. Go for a free day date like hike or play ultimate frisbee. You could go to prom for sooooo cheap! Its so much easier to earn money than you think. Ask to babysit your neighbors, do chores around the house, whatever!!!! Just boys...ask to prom. Just do it. You are breaking some girls hearts. Ask the seniors first. If you take a girl to prom, you have just made her feel that much more special. You have the opportunity to make her YEAR. Just do it. Now, for whoever read this, im sorry that i just wasted 5 minutes of your life. haha. But someone has to say it because i dont think boys realize how big a deal this is. Ya. The end:)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Basketball banquet

Last night we had our basketball banquet at the pizza factory!! The food there is soooooo good! My dad came with me and we ate some yummy food while talking to zirbes, veeks, dickson, and morgan. Then the coaches talked about every player and kinda did their little speal. Then out of the blue, Charles Abouo showed up from the Byu basketball team!! He met Alexa while they were working out with the same trainer and i guess asked if he would come to our banquet! It was so awesome! I wish i would have gotten an individual picture with him, but thats ok. He just gave us a little pep talk about basketball and just life. It was really awesome. The captains put together little silly awards for all the girls. Mine was, "is that your BROTHER??" award haha. Ok i have to kind of explain this. So one day jamie harward, who is on my team, after english one day comes and asks me, "who is that boy you are always with? Is that your brother?" i laughed and said, no thats my boyfriend. I think she felt like she embaressed me a little bit but it didnt at all. It was just kinda funny. But after that i got that question a few other times and it was kinda funny. I can see how they thought that becuase after games we were alot of the time by my family for a while and he would just stay and hang out. I can see that, except i was with him alllll the time at school too soo..haha. Kinda funny. So ya i had a great time at the banquet. I am definetly going to miss the seniors that are leaving. Here are just a few pictures silly pictures from this season that i liked.