Sunday, June 12, 2011

we could be twins..but that would be weird.

why do you put up with them?

why do you let them pull you down?

why do you act like everything is alright when really, they hurt you? deep.

why is it that you fall for them, when you could do sooooo much better?

why do you think your not worth it?

why are you too much of an amazing person, to tell them to bug off until they treat you right?

why are you so much like me that we could be the same person?

awkwardly funny

kookie [or however you spell that word..]

never wanting to make enemies, so you put on a face.

i dont know if its true

maybe it is

i might be fallin for you

here is a crystal clear example of...

true love you GROW into

not FALL into


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