Thursday, June 9, 2011

daddy stays home and plays with 4:)

Today was more of our layed back day, which was probably good becuase we have all been pretty sunburned and exhausted! Nate and I rode our bikes up to Canyon Glen, and met the rest of the fam there. We roasted hot dogs and smores and just played games! It was a blast!

he really likes hot dogs:)

Our favorite soda { and pretty much the only kind i will eat..not a huge fan} black cherry and creme soda!

The best hot dog/smores maker on the planet!

We are a classy family!

The most delicious ramen salad i have ever had!

Again..very classy

Perfect fire for dogs

-the calder kids-

Biggest marshmallows i have ever seen!

mmm smores are so good:)

you can never eat them without gettting messssy

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  1. Wow your week must be so fun! I'm jealous... I wish I could be doing all that stuff! You're way busy... all I've been doing is range and basketball!