Friday, July 29, 2011

7 peaks

finally!! a day off of work! i decided since i have money, and great friends, and hadn't been to 7 peaks in years, this is what i would do on my day off! we left really early and were there till it closed!! sooo much fun:)

this man here is hunk #1. isn't that one reason why you go to 7 peaks? to check out the hot lifeguards?? come on you know its true. there was another hunk that i didnt get a picture of. he was hilarious and we went on the slide he was at like 5 times in a row becuase he was that cool haha. great stuff.

best day ever with the girls!

and a purple sunburn to go with it:)

blind date

sometimes i go on a blind date...that takes place at my house haha. my friend anna from work set me up with one of her friends and we had a double! it was soooo much fun! i had never met my date before..or so i thought! he actually ended up being my friend lauries "blind date" to preference this last year! pretty crazy! but he was awesome!

we played just dance and it was probably the funniest thing i have ever seen!!

i was glad that they were good sports and actually played.

this meat lovers pizza was the boys all the way!

ok you have to hear the story about this one. this was our hawaiian pizza. we were decorating it and decided that the pineapple around the canadian bacon looked like a sun. so we decided to make the three glories and outter darkness in a pizza! outer darness is the olives haha. quite hilarious.

the " mean meat lovers" pizza aaron and andrew made

aaron was pretty culinary talented

the funniest thing about this whole adventure was that anna picked me up, then we went to pick up the boys. i guess on the way out anna ran into the car across the street. she just barely dented the door, but we didnt even notice. we left and came back and our neighbors were freaking out. we felt really bad obviously and we figured out the insurance and everything. so that set us back 30 minutes or so, and her curfew got pushed back to 9 o'clock! so we had like a two hour date..haha but thats ok it was really fun!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

this could be awkward...

soo.. ive decided life is just awkward. it is isnt it?? but i love awkward moments. and it makes it even better when you address that it is awkward. so ive decided weekly ( or whenever i have nothing to blog about) i will post an awkward picture of the week, becausei have alot..haha. i want to share this awkwardness with someone so i figured this was a good way to do that haha

so this first picture...i just love. this from sadies last year. i have to kinda tell you about this date. best date i have ever been on! its one of those dates that you are not really comfortable with your date cuz you barely know them, or anyonelse in your group. it ended up being awesome! these guys are all hilarious kids!! so this picture was before we went to the dance and lisas mom was taking our picture. we are all suposed to be stretching cuz we are the biggest loser contestants right?? ok well that failed. connor, carson, and glenn are stretching, the same way awkwardly. lisa looks like a dinasaur..i dont know what happened there. laurie truly looks like shes in pain. i look like i am about to cry, and robby looks like hes about to throw up. kendra is my favorite. probably the most awkward stretch ever! love awkward moments like these:)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


here is how my day went along

first of all i got up kinda early ( as in 8 oclock) to go running. well you see i am quite a clutz and i was just barely on main street, and i biffed it. you know those falls where its almost in slow motion cuz you struggle for like 10 steps them you collapse? ya that was me. i scuffed up my whole right side of my body including my hip which is so painful! there is no fat there! ahh love that im a clutz. oh and my ipod got scratched. ugh.

p.s. i love that picture of that fat man runnning. ya.

then stacie and i chalked jakes driveway for his birthday. we got caught by his parents haha. classic.

then i went to summer seminary with stacie! great lesson. but i had to leave early to get to work


then i went to work from 12-4. it was pretty slow so it was kinda fun to just talk to anna and plan our daatte for tomorrow:)

then i got home from work and half my neighborhood was playing in the rain!!! so we joined them and played hokie pokie in the puddles:) the best!

then i did laundry. yeeeahh

then for yw we cooked meat for girls camp

and wrote to the missionaries in our ward. no worries, i am gonna marry one of them. i just know it. one in particular. this note was exceptionally long:) haha

p.s. i love the missionaries bikes haha that why i chose this picture

what a weird but yet average day. love it.

Monday, July 25, 2011

random band post week 4? kinda.

here is noah and the whale. honestly i have no idea how long they have been around. this video i think was made recently but it looks like something from like the 70's haha. i love it. honestly all their stuff is really weird but it just makes me happy. enjoy these crazy people singing useless lyrics that make me smile:)

Sunday, July 24, 2011


last night after my 20 hour work weekend, i went to the rodeo with my trusty friend morgan cortez. we had a blast checking out all the cowboys:)

we got some delicious warm caramel corn in the stands.

we also go these delicious drinks called texas twisters. sooo good! they are like a fresh fruit punch citris drink. classic.

so i have decided that i am going to marry a cowboy. i want a cowboy and the lifestyle that comes with that. here are the reasons.

we will own a ranch and star gaze every night in our billions of acres of land:) romantic right?? ahh love it.

we will have a tree swing over a huge lake that we own in the country. my ultimate dream. to have a tree swing:)

dream car is an old truck that i can drive all around our ranch. i think this one is pretty cute. and my favorite color:)

we will have a patch of daisies ( my favorite flower) that we can lay in and have picnics and look at the clouds go by

now the cowboys of coarse! here is tim mcraw. big fan.

ohhh lucas till. he was in the hannah montana movie and dont know you love him. come on.

what would a ranch be without the sunset? honestly..probably one of my most favorite things to do, watch the sunset. amaziingg

the house of coarse. and the long driveways and trees and fences haha love it

ok dont laugh. here is lucas till again in the hm movie. he gets me every time! come on, dont you want to ride horses with the boy you absolutly adore?? i do.

again with the sunset:) i had to


cowboy i thought was attractive on google haha

so that was my silly post about my silly dream to marry a cowboy. it will happen. just sayin.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

i will marry him

i will marry julian smith. but not really. i am just in love with his youtube videos. is that nerdy? well if it is..who cares. need to look them up. now. and someday?? i will get a jelly fish sandwich t-shirt. just sayin.