Monday, April 18, 2011

These are a few..of my favorite things

Well, i was home all day yesterday and i ended up having a lot of time on my hands, so i took some time to do some random blogging. Here are a few things that i love and just make katie..katie!!

I loovvee this place! I think i have only been there 4 times but i love it so much!! I always get the same thing, sweet pork burrito..smothered:) Love costa:)

I am a little bit obsessed with shoes....:) I hate going shopping soooo much. But the one kind of shopping i like is shoes:) They always fit and are easy to try on, and are just so much easier to shop for than clothes are. That picture above is a picture of some of my most favorite shoes. My mom tells me all the time that i need to get rid of some, but i just cant!! i love them so much!! I cant really wear heels cuz i end up being almost 6 foot 3 when i do soo.. ya haha. I will stick to flats for now. That picture of flip flops would be the infamous old navy flip flop selection. I just love these flip flops. They are cheep and have every color imaginable, and always come in the same style. In the summer time, i dont really wear anything other than my black old navy flip flops. Those toms?? ya. I am keeping my eyes on those:) I loooovveee them so bad!! I love toms. I have one pair of white ones and that will just have to do for now:)

I love pandora. I love finding random talented bands or artists. I get sick of the same songs on the radio all the time, and i am too poor to buy music, so i am in love with pandora!! I am listening to music whenever i can, i love music so much!!

I love Lagoon amusement park:) As a family we used to go every summer, but it has gotten too expensive and we dont go anymore. I havent been in 2 years and its killing me!! Roller coasters do not scare me one bit! well, they do, but i hide it very well!!

Ice creaaaamm:) I love this stuff. I would take ice cream over cake any day. I especially love coldstone ice cream:)

My bike:) I got this flaming orange beauty for christmas this year, and i have been waiting all winter to ride it!! I love my bike, and bike rides themselves. My dad said hes tempted to steal it from me! This picture is right after i went on a bike ride on last monday with kendra, her little brother, and my little brother. We went on the canal and had quit the adventure..ha. WE had to go through the mud and it took us so long to get out of it. Ryans bike stopped moving becauase it was so caked with mud! I got home and found out i had somehow punctured the tire in 6 different places!! I guess im pretty hard core..haha. Poor just grateful for a dad that knows how to patch tires! THe picture above that is the bike gang:) let me just tell you a little bit about the gang. During last summer almost every morning we would get up and go on bike rides. Alot of the time they were short and sweet but soooo much fun. We went up to bridal veil once, and this is most of the gang at the top of the falls. One of my most favorite memories from the summer right there. I love living so close to the mountains and that we have the opportunity to do things like this. I sure hope the gang lives on this summer, becuase i have sure grown to love all those girls so much:)

This show is the one i will actually watch on t.v. I absolutly love it, and it is kinda..a little dream to be on the show. I used to dance and i gave it up because of money and decided to go the basketball road. These kids are so talented and i just enjoy watching them compete and grow on the show.

When i grow up... i want a wooden swing hanging from a giant old tree.. in my yard:) silly, i know, but i have always wanted one.

My dream car is an old ford truck. OK i know nothing about cars, so i have nooo idea what year, model, whatever. All i know is that every time i pass the old baby blue ford truck my neighbor has, i just want it!! I thought this one was pretty cute too:) Plus, they remind me of cowboys, which we all know, i go crazy for!!! :)

My favorite color is turquoise. Anyone that knows me, knows i love this color. Anything i can get in this color, i do!

As i said earlier, i love to play basketball. It is my passion. i just love working hard and getting better each year, and being able to tower over most of my opponents because i am almost 6 foot:) Along with being on the team, i also love all the purks of playing a sport. You get sweats, and get out of school, and everything like that. Another thing that is pretty cool is that i got to play against my two cousins who go to westlake. Ashley, the now sophmore, is the same height, number, last name, position, and we look alike. I got to guard her last year and play directly against her, it was a blast!! It was so much fun having my family there to support us both, and cheering for both the calders! Now the picture just above the michael jordan lady haha, is of coarse Jimmer Fredette. I am proud to say i was a big fan of him 2 years ago, before he became a celebrity and every knew who the jimmer was. He is pretty much amazing and my dad and i have had a blast watching him these last few years on the Byu basketball team.

I absolutly love pearls:) I just think they are so elegant and so beautiful, and doesnt every girl want to feel like that sometimes??

My favorite flowers are daisies. They just remind me of summer and spring:)

I am obsessed with sunglasses!! I just love them. Every store i go in and i see the rack for them, i just have to go try them on.

I am also obsessed with headbands. I think i wear one every day. I love them because they can turn every bad hair day into a good one:)

Well...there are just a few things that just brighten my day!!

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