Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 3 as a chipmunk

And my still fat!! I do a really good job at being able to laugh at terrible situations, especially if its happening to me, so i took some pictures for future enteirtainment. You know that app called fatbooth?? Well, i have done that, and it is not far from these pictures..haha. Hope this gave you a good laugh because everytime i see myself i laugh.

We are now in the stage where instead of ice packs, we are doing heat packs. Most people have said that they were perfectly fine by day 3, but i seem to be getting worse. I dont have any pain, but i am swelling and bruising like crazy. Although, i am taking alot of meds, so i guess that is helping with the pain, but not the swelling. I spent most of the the day outside attempting to tan, and the sun failed me. I didnt get anything!! We shall see if church and even school on monday, is an option. I might be going as a muslim, just so i can cover my face so i dont scare any babies, or make the speakers burst out in random uncontrollable laughter during their talks:)


  1. Hi :), i had my widom teeth + 9's (Extra teeth) removed the other day and my cheek are super-swollen and i was googling chipmunks...your blog made my day :D xx

  2. oh im so glad! hahaha. glad i could do that for ya!