Wednesday, April 13, 2011

8 years of my life

Today i spent the day with 3 of my long lost friends from my childhood. Breanna Hopkins, Kiley Skousen, and Tori Hall. I miss them quit alot. I feel like i didn't get to know kiley and tori as much as i wanted to in my old ward. Young womens kind of brings every one together, and i moved right in the middle of 7th grade. So today was fun to kinda catch up and have some fun. We went to the mall and just messed around. We drew these funny pictures with crayons, then gave them to random people in the mall. It was quit the intersting adventure:) i loved seeing these girls again. I definetly miss alot from pleasant grove. I am going to make a list:)

    My backyard. trampoline, soccer field, swing set, tree house and all

    Breanna:) my bestest buddy that i have so many memories with.

    My basement, and all my toys that are now thrown away.

    Summer nights in my backyard

    Making forts in my backyard

    Playing poor

    Funny fashion shows

    Cops and robbers on our bikes

    Selling our vintage bracelets and crafts:) sometimes even sno cones!

    "the snow princess"

    My motor scooter

    Aero Cub alphabet

    Slush parties

    Obstacle coarses in the backyard

    Setting up riley on her first date..haha

    Kick the can-night games

    Bryan Adams, Hilary Duff,shania twain, jesse Mcartney, Disney mania, and shrek soundtracks

    Well thats what i can think of for right now. I honestly dont miss alot of the things at school, elementary was fun, but i never really enjoyed it alot. I feel like alot the the kids at my school were snobs. I feel like i have kept the best friends, the one that matter most to me, and thats alright with me. there are alot of things i dont miss, but there are definetly alot that i do. For the most part, i think my childhood was pretty dang good.


    1. katie!!! i love your face (:
      and i loved childhood (:

    2. indeed:) loved our childhood so much!