Monday, April 18, 2011

I didnt go to school today...

Well i still look like a chipmunk, so i didnt go to school today. I have this teacher named Mr. Saxton and anyone who knows him knows what i am talking about, but i know exaclty what would have happened if i would have showed up at school today. It would have gone something like this- he would be lecturing then happen to look over and see me sitting there all innocently. Then he would say..." Hey calder, why are your cheeks so fat?" (because that is what he does, try as hard as he can to embaress people, and its quit hilarious actually.) Then i would have to say something or just make it a whole pod of awkard. So thats why i didnt go to school today. Plus i had my easy classes, so i figured it wasnt worth the humilation and pain all day. But i have to go back tomorrow. I cant miss math. So i have come up with some pretty good excuses when people ask about my unusually large and bruised cheeks, here are my options-

  1. i went to over spring break and i had an allergic reaction to..the monkeys...( or any other animal i can think of that lives in the amazon)

  2. I am storing food for the winter because my family is too poor..( that one might get me into trouble..)

  3. I had liposuction and it backfired... it was my birthday present ok!!

  4. i had cheek implants...

  5. i gained weight and it all went cheeks???

  6. i got punched in the face

  7. i got stung by a stingray while vacationing in...tahiti??

  8. My cheeks?? They are fat???

well....we shall see which excuse i use tomorrow!! I think i am leaning towards the monkey one..believable right?? wish me luck..

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