Sunday, April 17, 2011

celebrity crush

Well, i think its time that you knew that i am boy crazy, like almost every other 17 year old girl on this planet. Although, high school boys are overrated. THey are good friends, but its just dangerious once you start liking them. Just date for fun is my motto, dont date for what teens think is "love" . That is just trouble. I always enjoy a good chick flick with my girls, and we have kinda started a list of attractive celebrities. SO here is my list of attractive celebrites in no particular order.

Zac Efron.....come on? I dont care that he was in high school musical, he is a freakin babe!!

I have a thing for lies. Hello Tim Mcgraw!!

Sean Faris..hes in forever strong and i looovvee that movie. I mean come on..Rugby?? how could you not!

Ryan Gosling is in the The Notebook- also a favorite of mine.

Matthew McConaughey. I watch the wedding planner just to watch this man.

Ahh Lucas Till:) He was in the hannah montana movie and yet again..i just have something for cowboys! I go nuts for rangler butts!! haha. How could you not love this man? Honestly..

OH Kent Boyd. He was on so you think you can dance last season, and that is my absolute favorite show ever!! He is super talented. Kent is only 19 so hes the perfect age for me, but hes a tad bit on the short side..but he could still grow!! Hes quit adorable and there is just something about him that makes every girl fallin love with him .

So justin bieber..i put this up as a joke. Hes like 2 feet tall ladies. If you are ten years old and had a crush on JB, this is understandable. Now come on fellow high school seniors..what could you possibly see in this 5 year old?? Just sayin..

Josh Duhamel:) i watch life as we know it twice in one day just because he was in it. Why does he have to be married to fergie??

Jesse Mccartney. I have had something for this man since i was in 5th grade listening to beautiful soul:)

James Marsden is in tons of movies. I never get tired of this man and his stunningly good looks.

Tom Welling from Smallville. Thanks to my besties, kendra and lisa, they got me hooked on this show, and having me fall in love with tom:)

Hugh Dancy? i love your accent:)

Christopher Egan-letters to juliet..nuff said.

Chad Michael Murray. Cinderella Story-classic of coarse.

And of coarse i gotta put Taylor Lautner in there. I would be so foolish not too:)

Liam Hemsworth..what are we gonna do with you?? He was in the last song and i just automatically fell in love.

This here is Gordon Hayward. He plays for the Utah Jazz and i have been like 30 feet away from him at a jazz game. I definetly have a thing for basketball players.

And of coarse the one and only Channing Tattum. Every girl probably has a crush on him but hey? I can dream cant i??

Cam Gigandet was in the Twilight movies and he looks totally different in the movie, but without the nast blonde wig? Ya. This is Cam.

Garret Hedlund:) OH baby. He was in Tron Legacy and pretty sure..hes mine morgan:) Hes probably number one.


  1. Those are some ugly guys... except the last one ;) hahaha he's mine!

  2. whatever kim! your are crazy!! hes totally mine first of all, and they are not ugly! you just have really weird taste in guys!

  3. I do not have weird taste in guys! Okay some of them are good looking... like Taylor Lautner and Channing Tatum haha.