Thursday, April 21, 2011

Basketball banquet

Last night we had our basketball banquet at the pizza factory!! The food there is soooooo good! My dad came with me and we ate some yummy food while talking to zirbes, veeks, dickson, and morgan. Then the coaches talked about every player and kinda did their little speal. Then out of the blue, Charles Abouo showed up from the Byu basketball team!! He met Alexa while they were working out with the same trainer and i guess asked if he would come to our banquet! It was so awesome! I wish i would have gotten an individual picture with him, but thats ok. He just gave us a little pep talk about basketball and just life. It was really awesome. The captains put together little silly awards for all the girls. Mine was, "is that your BROTHER??" award haha. Ok i have to kind of explain this. So one day jamie harward, who is on my team, after english one day comes and asks me, "who is that boy you are always with? Is that your brother?" i laughed and said, no thats my boyfriend. I think she felt like she embaressed me a little bit but it didnt at all. It was just kinda funny. But after that i got that question a few other times and it was kinda funny. I can see how they thought that becuase after games we were alot of the time by my family for a while and he would just stay and hang out. I can see that, except i was with him alllll the time at school too soo..haha. Kinda funny. So ya i had a great time at the banquet. I am definetly going to miss the seniors that are leaving. Here are just a few pictures silly pictures from this season that i liked.

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