Thursday, April 28, 2011

Recent happenings

Tuesday Highlights:

Stacie and i went to the Timp soccer game at Orem high and it was so much fun! It was sunny half the time, and half the time it was cloudy. It was so windy too, but it was so much fun! They won 3-2 in double over time and they played so well!! It was amazing! We both know most of the guys on both teams, so it was fun to go watch them play. The last game i went to i got a free t-shirt so stacie made me wear it over my hoodie haha. We sat on the orem side and got some funny stares everytime we cheered for timpanogos......:) you boys are amazing!

Highlight number 2 for tuesday was that we got to play just dance for mutual at celestes house!! I love my ward, especially my laurels. We always have a blast and they are just the sweatest girls!! I seriously could not wish for a better ward. I love all the girls, all ages:) I am kinda sad that i don't know the beehives as well but i hope i will able to get to know them before i leavvve:( Anyways, Just dance is kinda a laurel traditon so we decided to play it and just have a fun day for once. I love days like these:)

Wednesday Happenings-
Because of my lame wisdom teeth surgery, i was not able to do anything active at all last week, and it practically drove me into insanity sitting around all day!! I was finally ok to do some stuff this week so i went ahead and took a leap of faith, and played in 2 spring fling bball games on wendesday. Well, to start out, i had to be there at 5:30 so i could help with the clock and then i played in the 8 and 9 o'clock games after that. Only 5 girls showed up for the game at 8, and we didn't have a coach until half time, so it was pretty interesting. I went running earlier in the day and that was a very bad mistake first of all. Plus, i am outta shape because of my surgery so playing almost the whole game almost killed me. I scored twice in the first game so i was proud of that but i don't think i played very well over all. The second game we had a few more players so it was a little better but honestly we didn't play very well. Although Danni really impressed me and i think she has improved a ton just since the end of the season last year. It was a fun experience and a little different then the usual structered basketball that we play soooo it was fun.

Thursday...the only warm day of the week!!
Thursday was amazing:) It was almost 70 degrees and it was just a good day. Stacie wanted to go hike the Y this week so we decided that would be a lot of fun, so pretty much on the spot, we decided to hike it!! First we went to go watch a little bit of the softball game because it was senior night, and i had wanted to watch some of my friends play and it was my last chance to watch them at home. So we went to see them play for a little bit, then made our way up the mountain! It seriously....kicked my butt. Anyone whos hiked it knows what im talking about. Its really short and has an amazing view, but it is super steep. I was tired 4 minutes into it! I loved it though. It is totally worth it and it was worth it just to spend time with some of my besties:) I love my friends so much i can't even tell you:) We are so hilarious and i have fun with these girls all the time! I honestly don't know what i would do withou them:) The pictures below are just some silly pictures we took while we were up there:)

I told them to jump, so they did, and being the awesome photographer i am, i got this lovely picture!! :-)

Once nice one:) lovvvee it!

Sometimes we pull our pants up really high and act like dorks:) why not right?? We pull it off pretty well not gonna lie!

Again with the awesome photography!! Haha not! Stacie pondering...

Beautiful Utah Valley!

I can see my house! ;)

Sometimes laurie doesn't know we took the picture and i cut stacie out..haha

My new nick name is giraffe! At least the chief looks cute! haha

This picture just makes me laugh because i fail at pictures..haha.

Awww aren't we cute?

Love these days:)


  1. lemme just say that chief does not look cute in that pictre.. she looks grody.. haha

  2. you do not!! just be happy i didnt put it on fb my friend haha. you look just fine honestly!!