Saturday, April 23, 2011


Sometimes i get a jamba gift card and get the largest mango-a-go-go they have

Sometimes kendra, lisa, and i share the jamba, then head off to maceys for round 2 ice cream

Sometimes we watch Cinderella Story and quote practically the whole movie and just have lots of laughs:)

Sometimes a few of the girl cousins take a picture. And i love these girls. Not just some times. All the time:)

Sometimes i ask what our faces would look like if we were falling off a cliff...

Sometimes i ask what my our faces would look like if edward died....

Sometimes we try to take easter family pictures.....

Old man look nate??

Sometimes the easter bunny visits my house and hides my basket under towels and makes me look for them for 30 minutes (but knows my favorite candy)

Sometimes laurie and i do super spontanious things like drop off signs at random boys houses souly for our enteirtainment....

And sometimes?? I get calls at midnight asking me what the sign in my yard was......and i tell them i dont know ...and they are super confused....:)

Sometimes i go to a timp soccer game when its 30 degrees outside with kendra and i get wheat thins taken from my hands and free t-shirts:)

Sometimes my mom makes pasta salad on saturday that it keeps stareing me in the face until sunday night when i finally get to partake of it:)

Sometimes we frost cupcakes and put green coconut and jelly beans on top for easter:)

Sometimes we color hard boiled eggs for easter where only my mom, dad, occasionally riley, and I eat them:)

Sometimes i wake up saturday morning and see my brothers reinacting the movie "tron" in the kitchen by makin paper plate discs.

 just have to sit back and think..i am so blessed. I love my life:)


  1. sometimes i totally serve you that icecream at Macey's :)

  2. and sometimes?? it totally makes my day:)