Friday, April 22, 2011

just do it

Ok, i am just gonna give my little speal about.... prom.... because i think every single boy should hear this. Every single girl in high school, wants to go to prom. I don't care what excuses they have... i suck at dancing and dances are so awkward anyways, and i dont even care if i get asked because there is always my senior year and i dont like any of the boys anyways, and they are all goobs anyways....on and on. Every girl has some excuse. Im sorry, but they are just not true. Every girl wants to go to prom. Girls have been dreeeaaming about this since they were 8 years old seeing all of the yw in their ward all dressed up that one sunday of the year, and thinking, " I cant wait until i get to wear a big beautiful dress like that and dance the night away at prom with a cute boy!!" Every girl has that dream. For every boy that decides he is not going to prom, that is one girl that doesn't get to go to prom, and her dream is crushed. For us juniors, it is even worse than the sophmores. I rememeber last year, not being asked, and seeing a lot of my friends go to prom. It wasn't that bad last year because i always thought, hey i always have the next two years. Well one of those two next years... is now here. And none of my friends have been asked. What is wrong with boys??? Do they always have to ask the same girls to dances? Why can't they think, ahh maybe i should ask that one girl in my english class, or math class or whatever. She is super nice and i have been to dances with the same people. Maybe i should branch out a little and give some other girls a chance to go and have fun for once. I just feel like boys don't make any effort to consider any other girls than the same ones that they associate with every day. The point of going on dates is to get to know people better and make new friends. Every single dance i have been to i barely even knew my date. The ones that i asked, i didn't know barely at all. I wanted to get to know more people, and thats why i asked those people. So the point of this whole boring post about prom is that......boys should ask girls to prom!!! There are waayyyyy too many girls out there that just want to go. I honestly can not think of one boy that if they asked me, i would say no. Honestly, girls are not very picky. Unless they are jerks. And most girls aren't. SOOO ...boys ask girls to prom!!! Just do it!! If you were to go to one school dance a year it should be prom. Everyone says money is an issue..well it shouldn't be. You can go to prom for like 40 dollars. You can go for really cheap. Borrow a tux from a brother, or friends brother. Have your mom make the corsage. Have dinner at your house. Go for a free day date like hike or play ultimate frisbee. You could go to prom for sooooo cheap! Its so much easier to earn money than you think. Ask to babysit your neighbors, do chores around the house, whatever!!!! Just boys...ask to prom. Just do it. You are breaking some girls hearts. Ask the seniors first. If you take a girl to prom, you have just made her feel that much more special. You have the opportunity to make her YEAR. Just do it. Now, for whoever read this, im sorry that i just wasted 5 minutes of your life. haha. But someone has to say it because i dont think boys realize how big a deal this is. Ya. The end:)


  1. AMEN!!! Haha it didn't waste my 5 minutes! I enjoyed reading it! I definitely agree on this!

  2. well thank ya! :) glad you enjoyed it!