Thursday, July 7, 2011

you know what makes me happy?

cleaning my trailer. thats what makes me happy:)

we are leaving for flaming gorge in approx......5 hours:) and im still not asleep....

but thats ok because i will have unlimited energy tomorrow!

our cute, tiny, beautifully wonderful trailer!!

it just makes me grin every time i see this beautiful thing sitting in front of my house:)

well no blogging for at least a week because i will be paradise!!

1 comment:

  1. A your an aligator E your so edible R your a rat in the rain he he he O your on opra singeeeeeer C your a cuddly cub. U your a unicorn under an umbrella B your breannaish K you are katieish R you are rileyish and that brings us to.. your under a popsicle tree.. HAHAA that should bring a grin to your face too (: