Sunday, July 3, 2011

parachute and allred!

on june 24rd i got to go see john allred, damato, hugo, and parachute in a free concert in slc! it was so much fun! here are some random pics i was able to get. my camera is dying so i stole most of these haha

the lead singer of parachute crowd surfing! he almost got to us!

the picture the lead singer took of us! im somewhere about halfway haha

stacie and i with tanner- the drummer from allred!

oh hey john:)


john allred and i!!

this would be hugo-one of the other bands that played. we talked to them for quite some time. they were really good. it was fun to hear some stuff i have never heard before

the cute drummer from parachute!!!

car ride up to slc!

the set! [i need a new camera..

k this guy was hilarious. kendra pointed him out to me. probably the funiest looking beird i have ever seen!

the lady in the pink shirt...ya she was hilarious also. she was practically dirty dancing with like 10 guys while allred was playing haha.

just creepin a little. oh the people you see in slc:)

some of the crowd.

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  1. John Allred looks like a babe! I'm so jealous you went to see Parachute! Katie... why didn't you invite me?! We are like really good friends and you never invite me to come hang! :(