Sunday, July 24, 2011


last night after my 20 hour work weekend, i went to the rodeo with my trusty friend morgan cortez. we had a blast checking out all the cowboys:)

we got some delicious warm caramel corn in the stands.

we also go these delicious drinks called texas twisters. sooo good! they are like a fresh fruit punch citris drink. classic.

so i have decided that i am going to marry a cowboy. i want a cowboy and the lifestyle that comes with that. here are the reasons.

we will own a ranch and star gaze every night in our billions of acres of land:) romantic right?? ahh love it.

we will have a tree swing over a huge lake that we own in the country. my ultimate dream. to have a tree swing:)

dream car is an old truck that i can drive all around our ranch. i think this one is pretty cute. and my favorite color:)

we will have a patch of daisies ( my favorite flower) that we can lay in and have picnics and look at the clouds go by

now the cowboys of coarse! here is tim mcraw. big fan.

ohhh lucas till. he was in the hannah montana movie and dont know you love him. come on.

what would a ranch be without the sunset? honestly..probably one of my most favorite things to do, watch the sunset. amaziingg

the house of coarse. and the long driveways and trees and fences haha love it

ok dont laugh. here is lucas till again in the hm movie. he gets me every time! come on, dont you want to ride horses with the boy you absolutly adore?? i do.

again with the sunset:) i had to


cowboy i thought was attractive on google haha

so that was my silly post about my silly dream to marry a cowboy. it will happen. just sayin.

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