Thursday, July 14, 2011

the gorge

my favorite week of the year= trip up to firefighters campground at flaming gorge for the calder famile reunion!!

it was really rainy the whole time there, but we really wanted to go to the lake one day. so the 6 calder girls all took a trip to the lake event thought it was overcast, and probably only 75 degrees. here we are before we took the plunge!

sunday night we always have dinner together with the whole family, and we have some kind of program. here ash and i are just messing around while having smores after the program

these fine ladies are my cousins, and aunt. i love them quite alot. my aunt has gone to girls camp for years and she happened to have a camp song book! so we all sang along to the silly girls camp songs that always bring back memories:)

we always go on this pretty great hike on sunday. this year we got 21 people to come with us. a bunch of the older boy cousins found it one year while exploring. it starts right off the firefighters memorial by our camp loop, then goes down the side of the mountain to a field. then you climb down a bunch of rocks a ways, then at the bottom is a river that we hike up to the falls! its the best because we found it. here we are when we jumped in at the end, then everyone else jumped in! so much for not swimming on sundays...ha :/

saturday night danny really wanted to go the lake becuause he was leaving. it was too cold for us to swim, but we went and explored to see if there was any beach at all.

here is kaylee haha one of my 2nd cousins, she is definetly a character, but we love her.

this is when we went cliff jumping. i was the first one to jump off because every one else were babies! haha

probably the cutest little boy in the world! they all went on a " bug hunt" with nana debra and they loved it!

the cutest little boy evers sister jesslyn! i just adore her.

this is janelle. we love her alot. and this family wig haha

on the hike by the falls

ti was riley's birthday!!! so we shoved a cupcake up her nose..yessss:)

just messin around in the girls tent one afternoon. if any of you didnt know this already, one of my life long goals is to learn how to play the guitar. just stayin. i know like 3 chords..that i cant even remember right now..ha

grant with papa fishing on the river!

this would be danny. he didnt have his swim suit with him, so when went to the lake we dared him to strip down and jump. well..he did it! if anyone wants his number..let me know. hes single. haha

playin football

making hair flowers with nana debra!

cliff jumpin

we love card games. we get pretty competitive

4 square tourneys. the best. unfortunatly, the rain kept us from doing alot of this.

stopped on the at dairy keen in heber on the way home! tradition.

our lovely tent

trying to clean up the lake that formed in our campsite

ashley and i's tin foil dinner. the coolest one OBVIOUSLY

the girls tent

these are called beef castles. in other words, frozen roast to be put a few days later in tin foil dinners. nothin better thats for sure.

how cute are they? we laughed so hard when we saw them haha

my hot pink survival bracelet. i only bought it cuz it looked cool. but having a large rope on my wrist in case of danger i guess is a plus.

the caramel that tasted like beef jerky. yum.

our hair flowers we made

makin flowers

playin card games. classic

loadin up the family rafts after going down the river

off down the river

posing before we went down the river

this just shows you how high the river was this year. insane.

karly and riley riding in the back

thugs for sure

the cutest dog ever

washoos. love it.

washoos= the homemade game by my grandpa using wood, carpet, colorful paint, and washers. object of the game=to get the washers in the little holes for points. its quite addictive.

been in the family for years for enjoyment camping:)

our much needed clothes line.

we had a blast this year. it was really rainy the whole time so that was kinda a downer, but it was still awesome! every year has its adventures and surprises. i love my family!!!!

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