Wednesday, July 27, 2011

this could be awkward...

soo.. ive decided life is just awkward. it is isnt it?? but i love awkward moments. and it makes it even better when you address that it is awkward. so ive decided weekly ( or whenever i have nothing to blog about) i will post an awkward picture of the week, becausei have alot..haha. i want to share this awkwardness with someone so i figured this was a good way to do that haha

so this first picture...i just love. this from sadies last year. i have to kinda tell you about this date. best date i have ever been on! its one of those dates that you are not really comfortable with your date cuz you barely know them, or anyonelse in your group. it ended up being awesome! these guys are all hilarious kids!! so this picture was before we went to the dance and lisas mom was taking our picture. we are all suposed to be stretching cuz we are the biggest loser contestants right?? ok well that failed. connor, carson, and glenn are stretching, the same way awkwardly. lisa looks like a dinasaur..i dont know what happened there. laurie truly looks like shes in pain. i look like i am about to cry, and robby looks like hes about to throw up. kendra is my favorite. probably the most awkward stretch ever! love awkward moments like these:)

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