Tuesday, July 26, 2011


here is how my day went along

first of all i got up kinda early ( as in 8 oclock) to go running. well you see i am quite a clutz and i was just barely on main street, and i biffed it. you know those falls where its almost in slow motion cuz you struggle for like 10 steps them you collapse? ya that was me. i scuffed up my whole right side of my body including my hip which is so painful! there is no fat there! ahh love that im a clutz. oh and my ipod got scratched. ugh.

p.s. i love that picture of that fat man runnning. ya.

then stacie and i chalked jakes driveway for his birthday. we got caught by his parents haha. classic.

then i went to summer seminary with stacie! great lesson. but i had to leave early to get to work


then i went to work from 12-4. it was pretty slow so it was kinda fun to just talk to anna and plan our daatte for tomorrow:)

then i got home from work and half my neighborhood was playing in the rain!!! so we joined them and played hokie pokie in the puddles:) the best!

then i did laundry. yeeeahh

then for yw we cooked meat for girls camp

and wrote to the missionaries in our ward. no worries, i am gonna marry one of them. i just know it. one in particular. this note was exceptionally long:) haha

p.s. i love the missionaries bikes haha that why i chose this picture

what a weird but yet average day. love it.

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