Friday, July 29, 2011

blind date

sometimes i go on a blind date...that takes place at my house haha. my friend anna from work set me up with one of her friends and we had a double! it was soooo much fun! i had never met my date before..or so i thought! he actually ended up being my friend lauries "blind date" to preference this last year! pretty crazy! but he was awesome!

we played just dance and it was probably the funniest thing i have ever seen!!

i was glad that they were good sports and actually played.

this meat lovers pizza was the boys all the way!

ok you have to hear the story about this one. this was our hawaiian pizza. we were decorating it and decided that the pineapple around the canadian bacon looked like a sun. so we decided to make the three glories and outter darkness in a pizza! outer darness is the olives haha. quite hilarious.

the " mean meat lovers" pizza aaron and andrew made

aaron was pretty culinary talented

the funniest thing about this whole adventure was that anna picked me up, then we went to pick up the boys. i guess on the way out anna ran into the car across the street. she just barely dented the door, but we didnt even notice. we left and came back and our neighbors were freaking out. we felt really bad obviously and we figured out the insurance and everything. so that set us back 30 minutes or so, and her curfew got pushed back to 9 o'clock! so we had like a two hour date..haha but thats ok it was really fun!

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