Tuesday, July 5, 2011

leadership retreat

so last week for 3 days, a group of 50 of my peers in leaderships groups bused up to park city for a retreat. we first hit olympic park and had a blast! we then started our leadership training with miss utah!! it was aaammazzzing. we played some games that really opened my eyes, and made me realize some things about people i had made wrong assumptions about. we then checked into our hotel, and met our 3 other random roommates. i really liked my roommates and had a fun time getting to know these girls whom i had never really talked to before this trip. the next day we had a spirit bowl, and were put into random teams of blue, green, and white. that was a blast!!! It was really funny though because right after mr. park said, " dont kick the ball or the sprinklers on ceiling will pop it" well....a kid did just that. after that, 4 or 5 people got hurt, and we decided to stop. haha it was quite the enteirtaning sight not gonna lie. we also had lots of free time to swim, go shopping, and just play around.

that night we went to main street and had dinner and the wasatch brewery pub haha. it was soooo good! i got a delicious salad, and a pizza to share with my table. the next day we had some more training and we went back home. on the way home, we stopped in heber for lunch, and chels and i got shakes and frys from dairy keen which is my favorite place evveerr!

the best part of spirit bowl- the karoke haha classic

it was chels birthday:)

blue team maybe??

blue team mask maybe?

so since no one had money to go shop at the outlets...we decided to go to walmart...and ride around in the carts!

-a few random kids that we befriended-

in the museam

on the worlds steepest zipline at olympic park!!!

about to go down the zipline!

after chels conquered the alpine slide

on the ski lift

olympic ski jumps!!

the white team

some of the white team doing the relay

playing ping pong by the pool the first night

murph giving us our first pep talk

some of the group on park city main after dinner at the brewery!

the green team

the 2nd shuttle coming home from dinner

this would be my contribution to the relay- chewing two rock hard pieces of double bubble gum and blowing a bubble haha

some kids at arbys for lunch after spirit bowl- i think we stressed out the workers with all 60 of us showing up expecting food ha

one of the games for spirit bowl- rolling the giant ball between cones and not hitting them-green team

overall, this was an interesting, eye opening, and kinda weird experience for me. i dont really know anyone on student council, lia, or pack even which i am in, so it was interesting interacting with them all week. i definetly learned alot, and this year is going to be way different than any other year!

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