Sunday, October 2, 2011

sadies, penguins, weird free concerts

this is the recap of my week because i have no time to post everyday!! so here we go!

soooo asking to dances at my school=total caos.  just girls dances though. apparently, you need to ask 4 months in advance or your date will get taken.  girls are insane around here! so i was going to ask this guy on monday..he got asked like 2 hours before that. then another possiblity..he got asked 4 days before.  so then i had no idea who to ask because i am going to be honest...i dont know too many guys at our school.  so i am going to ask a kid i dont even know..but last year i did practically the same thing, and it was so much fun. so i am just gonna do it, and hopefully he at least knows who i am.  hopefully...

tuesday i worked a 4-midnight shift...pretty much killed me. but it was with fun people so it was worth it. 

i am not sure if i want it to be fall yet. i have enjoyed summer so much..but i am ready for fall. this is a constant battle within myself..deciding on what to think haha

we had some really good work outs in conditioning. i missed allt he open gyms because of work and stuff. its crazy that its already that month till try outs! im freakin out!

on wednesday i got to go to kids on the move to play with little kids for a few hours for our term service project for PACK! it was so much fun! we got to sing songs, play tag, hold the cutest baby alive, and all that fun stuff! definetly a great way to spend your evening. 

thursday i went to this free concert at the velour. it was...really weird actually. the first girl was good but a girl in the audience passed out..quite intersting. then this random band played that were pretty good. the tamborine player struggled though. then j.wride played, and i really like their stuff. they are super talented, and all attractive so thats always good ha. then the young electric headlined.  we have seen them before but they didnt have their drummer, so they did acoustic stuff. this time...they were like a full on rock band. in that little place?? all the smoke, giant flashing lights, and them spastically jumping all over the stage?? it was kinda weird. we decided to leave because the crowd was being really crazy...and it just wasnt fun anymore. they were good...but it wasnt really our then we went and visited malorie at work at got lemonade:) it was a weird..but fun night:)

friday was a blast! i went to the football game against mv...which we won! it was a way fun game, and we got to storm the field and everything! soooo much fun:) then we went to the stomp, which was kinda weird because they kept playing like dirty dancing songs..and it was just..ya weird.  but i still had fun. then we went to wendys and got frosties and just hung out outside till like midnight.

saturday i just kinda..hung around the house and watched conference all day. that was great fun. then i went to work from 4 to midnight. it was the weirdest night! from was all women in the store. no joke, then once 8 hit....the whole store was overflowing with penguins demanding ice cream! it was really funny. it was a really fun night at work though.even if their were no boys there:) i just love the people i work with.

now im about to go watch the last sesssion of conference:) conference is always so great, and i love listening to the twelve. they are amazing, and i always feel the spirit. happy conference weekend!


  1. Boy do I know what you mean about the frantic search for dates to a girl's choice dance. My junior year the guy I wanted to ask had been asked by a girl the night of homecoming haha All of my friends went with people they barely knew! it was an interesting night, to say the least :)

  2. ugh its so crazy right?? itll be fine though.