Sunday, October 16, 2011

28 of my favorite things

sooo ive been tagged 4 times for this whole "say 7 things about yourself" thing. well now you get to hear 28 things about me. hazaww! alright if you get can just stop reading

1. ive always wanted to learn how to play the guitar.  2. ive tried almost every sport out there..except soccer. never been interested in playing soccer, never will  3. i love anything thats a dip or sandwich. subway=heaven. 7 layered dip=celestial. salsa(especially homemade)=amazing. 4. i am sucker for chick flicks 5.  i am obsessed with headbands and i dont like wearing jewelry  6. i work at maceys and i LOVE it!  7.  my mom makes the best cookies you'll ever taste( yes..bre will attest to that) and i think i have developed that talent..:) that is how i will win my husband over, by cookies! 8. i cant stand to have my fingernails long or painted 9. i am only ticklish in one feet. 10. i have the shortest attention span in the world 11. in 4th grade i went to detention twice 12. i have an obsession with old ford trucks. that is my dream car 13. my favorite animal is a llama or duck 14. i could eat costa every day of my life if my budget allowed it 15. i am obsessed with my bike and biking itself. i suck at mountain biking, but its still fun! 16. i was voted class clown in 5th grade 17. i love to wake surf and spend time on the water. no matter how much sun screen i have to slab on to protect my baby skin, i love it! my week at lake powell was seriously one of the best weeks of my life! 18. i am a diehard byu fan, but i will most likely end up going to usu. 19. i am allergic to dogs, cats, and pine nuts 20. my first kiss was by the rc willey outlet store in the freezing cold 21. ive always wanted to be in a play. 22. one of my pet peeves is when people waste water. whether its washing dishes, showers, dumping out waterbottles. whatever 23. i hate to go shopping. HATE. the only kind of shopping i like is shoe shopping. i have an obsession with shoes. but not heals and too tall to wear those. vans, converse, toms, rocketdogs, old navy flipflops, ya..those are the kinds i like. 24. i dont really watch tv, but i lovvvee sytycd, friends, psych, and survivor. 25. my favorite color is turquoise 26. when i grow up, i want a wooden swing to be tied to a giant tree in my front yard. and a roof i can climb on and watch the sunset and stars as much as i want:) 27. i love pearls. they are so sophisticated. favorite flowers are daisies.
well there are some random things i could come up with on the spot. how many do i get to tag?? well im gonna tag four because thats how many times i got tagged:)
aubrey, karlee, kimmie, jamaica


  1. How am I tagged? Haha I don't get this.

  2. 1st of all yes i can say your mothers cookies are devine! i mean we were the official cookie testers and all.
    2nd of all first kiss?? why haven't i heard about this?
    3rd of all. you have been in 2 plays the snow princess and the old lady who got hit by the car.