Wednesday, October 12, 2011

studly men

aww today has been a great day to say the least.  i usually dont really like my b days..ok they are the worst. first period i have medical anatomy and i just do not like science and my tiny little brain cant handle it. plus then i have math..and i just get bored. but then i have pack and college writing and those are always fun, so its pretty evenly balanced i guess.

but today..was just a fun day all around. i got to go and teach the little kiddies at windsor for pack today, and those kids just lighten up my day! i love those kindergarteners!

then after school i got to go help out in kendra's sisters class for tutoring hours for NHS, so fun! 2 hours of playing with those crazy kids!

then i went on a nice easy run with stacie, so nice.

then we had my mothers glorious homemade pizza for dinner! cant beat that! 

then my friend katy was playing with her band at this little competition at UVU, so i rounded up some other friends to go and watch her play, and that was a blast, and she did so good! 

then i was taking ellie and laurie home, and laurie and i were just messing around and dancing in my car in front of her house when i decided i really didnt want to go to open gym because it was half over, and i just..ok i really didnt want to go and work out at that moment.  so instead, we went to go get ice cream at maceys! first surprise of the evening, a myserious man who i just happened to take on a date at one point in my life...was at maceys too!  so he came and talked to us for awhile, so that was really fun to talk to him for a few mintues.   then, my favorite person to work with was working tonight, and he came and talked to us too!  sometimes...i really think boys at this age are dumb and immature..but then sometimes...they totally change my mind. like today. aww man.  i had so much fun dancing in my car all crazy with laurie tonight and loosing our voices, and talking to some studly men! just need a night to be crazy and have fun to relief all the stress that has been building up the last few was a great day:)

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