Sunday, October 9, 2011

college freaks me out..

this week i have spent most of my time thinking about college. between college day, and finding out there is no possible way for me to get into BYU, then spending thursday up in idaho at BYUI in the blizzard, and looking at scholorships on saturday....i am overloaded with the stress of college! i am so not ready to move on with my life and all of that jazz. just looking at my gpa and act, i have a very slim chance of getting a good scholorship anywhere. hopefully my background of service galore will get me into some school out there. are some pictures of our adventures up in idaho this week.
taco bus!!

 let me introduce you to..the taco bus. pretty sure it is one of the weirdest things i have ever experienced.  it is literally a bus..that has a kitchen in the back..and benches in the front. you buy a bus! and watch the mexican tv while your eating! so much fun:) idaho is pretty weird!
 in the blizzard
 all matchy matchy
 we couldnt find the knife in the we used scissors:) haha. dont mind the very tired was like 7 in the morning...and i had been up for a few hours already.

 yeah college!!!
this here pack. it is a leaderhip/service group for my school. i love this class! we get to do so many fun things and i love this group!! there are a few missing in this picture..but this is most of us. hooray for things that make high school worth it!

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