Saturday, September 24, 2011


alright folks...i finally have time to post about homecoming! it was honestly probably my favorite date yet. or comes in a close 2nd or 3rd.

we first had our day date at discovery park (which is probably the coolest park in the universe) and played ultimate and ate pizza! it was great fun!

then we had two hours to get ready before our dates were coming to pick us up. my aunt came and did my hair and makeup. She is amazing! i loved it, and she made me feel like a princess:) getting my dress was a whole story in itself so i wont explain that, but it was fairly simple so i wanted to dress it up a little. so between my hair and jewelry, i think this was accomplished:)

so then drew picked me up, and i got the boutnieer on the first time!

we then made our way to the tahitian noni ( or according to drew, the tahiti noni haha) gardens. taking pictures was so much fun!

we then made our way to the tahitian noni gardens ( or according to drew, the tahiti noni) to take pictures! it was a blast! and luckily didnt start to rain

our studly dates

the girls

the whole group

love this one haha

drew and i:) isnt he a stud? i think so

ok let me explain this one. this was when we were waiting for all the other couples to show up and we were just taking pictures out front. drew just automatically jumped up there and the photographer was like, ohh thats good! haha so i just stood there and he did something funny and i started to laugh. and she then got this shot haha. great stuff

we then went to dinner at shoots in the riverwoods. i had never been there, and it was so delicious! we also saw three other homecoming groups at the same place so that was kinda fun. drew and i talked about the fruits and vegtables we do and do not like for most of dinner. it was pretty funny.

we then made our way to the dance!!! this was probably the best date i had been to. it was fun to see all my other friends that went and visiting with them. you know how you usually get tired after awhile at dances? i didnt get tired at all! it was fun the whole time. they played good songs, and our whole group was really fun.

we then went to mcdonalds to get ice cream. we were so tired and everyone could tell haha so then we went home.

i am so glad i got to go with drew! hes such a great guy, and i had so much fun! sometimes its just fun to get all dressed up and feel like a princess for once:)


  1. you look so pretty!! the dress is so you by the way (:

  2. katie you looked soooo pretty! i agree with breanna, it is very you! :)

  3. i love the pictures.. looks like you had tons of fun! you looked super pretty(:

  4. I love the boutonniere you got for Drew! You are so pretty Katie :)

  5. Your dress is GORGEOUS and you do look like a princess! If you even wanna borrow my crown you can ;) Hahaha but you really do look pretty and it sounds like so much fun!