Sunday, May 8, 2011

as of late..last weekend!

First of all.....friday night:) I had so much fun! Stacie invited laurie and i to go and play basketball with some people at a church. I happily agreed to go because i love basketball! We arrived and i was so pleasantly surprised to see that some of my long lost team mates were there!!! Janalee Willmore, Katherine Black, Erin and Brooke Echoles! I was sooo happy:) Then Stacies prom date, and his twin brother, and some of their friends were there. The girls totally dominated! It was the best! I had a great time:) Here is a picture of our 9th grade basektball team:) That year holds some of my most precious memories. I wish i could go back every day....

One lovely saturday morning at approximatly 9 o'clock i get a text from the one and only lisa amor suggesting we go sledding. I was quit puzzled condsidering it was april 30th and it had been warm a few days ago. So i jump out of bed and look out my window, and there is like 3 inches of snow on the ground...who new?? Well..not me. I had not even been sledding once this year, and its a must!! So i was soo in. So we went sledding like 2 hours later. It was the best!! 4 teens sledding on a saturday morning in jeans...haha. love it. It was honestly one of the most enteirtaining experiences of my life@

They all borrowed my pants so we could have hot chocolate at my house in somewhat comfortable clothes!

All of our pants on the line at my house.

We totally tore up that hill!

Snooooww angels.

Lisa fell off the train..haha

Our train!

We...arent very good at these pictures..haha

So then later that day we decided to party it up. We ate delicious enchiladas at lauries first of all. Then we went to the mall to get some yummy sweet and sour chicken and just hang out. Then we went to the movie, Prom!!! Ok kinda pathetic i know, but it was actually quit enteirtaining thats for sure!! So that is what we did while everyone was at prom!! It was actually a pretty great day!!

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