Monday, May 9, 2011

smoothies, star gazing, john allred:)

Man..i am not very good at keeping up with this!! These posts are for last week! Oh well:) So last week was a great week. So starting with monday...I went to go play basketball with nate and my dad and i stepped outside..and almost barfed. You see, during the spring, i have this giant tree in the middle of my yard..that has these white flowers. They smell sooooo nasty. The first year we were here, we were cleaning out the yard for the first time and we found this silvery stuff that looked like silver hair. Then we discovered this smell, that we found out was coming from the tree. Between the tree, and the hair that looked silver, we called it the "old lady". We decided an old lady died in our backyard because it smelt really bad, and she had silver hair. So every year when the tree starts smelling up the place, we say, " the old lady is back!!" Soo...shes back and thriving right now! :)

So tuesday was not super eventful except that all the YCL's in our ward got to dress up in skanky clothes and model for the rest of the girls "what not to wear to camp". It was pretty fun! wednesday on the other hand..was so much fun!! It was a beautiful day, so we rounded up some of the bike gang that was available, and we went on a bike ride. HIllary joined us half way, and she suggested we go play ultimate frisbee at the park with a bunch of kids. Stacie has tried to get me to go for a while, and i have always busy. So i was totally for it. It was sooooo much fun! I am not very good, but i am learning fast! I will defiently keep going!

Thursday i spent the whole afternoon and evening at Orem Jr. High. The boys basketball coach at our school, coach crandell, caught me in the halls and asked me if i would want to earn some money. I was like heck ya!! So he told me he needed someone to help do clock at some bball games from 4-9. So i agreed. I took laurie and Kim along with me and we were there allllll afternoon! High light of the whole day?? There was a pretty attractive ref:) haha..totally worth it!!! So i had a fun but very long day!

Then to the eventful Friday night!!! It started with a bike ride with Laurie and Stacie. It was a nice kinda laid back ride, but still alot of fun. Then we came back and we {laurie, lisa, stacie, kendra, lisa, and i} had all been planning to make banana pancakes because there is a song by jack johnson that he sings about them {see my playlist to listen to this genius uplifting song :) } But..we found out last minute lisa was on a date!! So we couldn't do it with out her! So we settled with making smoothies. Then we went outside on lauries trampoline and star gazed while listening to music:) It was the best!! It was fun just talking to my friends and having a nice relaxing evening. Even when my friends tease me when they ask MEEE to tell them a story! They asked for it and still teased me! ahh oh well. I love them anyways even if they judge me:) Then lisa joined us a little later and we got to hear about her date.

Oh P.S. star gazing= one of my most favorite things to do.. ever:) :)

Ahhhhh Saturday:) This day..was practically amazing beyond reason. One of the most insane saturdays i have ever had though! I woke up at 7:30 first of all to go and deliver mothers day gifts to the ladies in our ward at 9. Then i went to the school to help with the clock again, i was there from 10:45-4. Then i had to get some weeding done. Then i went to tomassos with stacie and laurie. Ahhh so amazing!!!!

Amazing watermelon and coconut italian ice cream laurie and i shared:)

*note..stacies lovely fresh burn skin..:)

Ahh..they are gone..:(

So then i had a meeting for Summer Sno at 7 so stacie just tagged along because it would have taken to long to take her home them pick her up again. So after the kinda pointless meeting we were on our the JOHN ALLRED CONCERT!!! We were soooo pumped:) We have seen him once in the riverwoods a few weeks before this, and we absolutly loved him. So when stacie found out about this concert..we were both totally in!

Stacie with our tickets!!

Me with our tickets!! Waiting in line..we were so excited!

This is John Allred. He is pretty much amazing..just saying:)

It was at the one and only velour:) i love this place so much. Its the coolest little place on provo main. Sooo many of my most favorite memories have been here:)

Again..waiting in line:)

The "stage"

I am not sure what song this was but i remember it being good:) I think it was the first one with the whole band. He came out literally right next to me, playing his guitar, and did a few just acoustic songs that were aaammmaazing:) This one was way good.

Oh hey John:) your great:)

Then he brought out a violinist, celloist, and a male and female singer for a few songs. They were amazing. It was kinda funny though cuz the stage is super tiny, so they were kinda cramped. The Velour is usually not set up this way though. They had it set up so they were on the side of the room, kinda in the middle. So all the chairs were in a circle around them. You can see in some of these pictures too, that there were a few bean bags, and couches spread around too. We almost went on the bean bag but thought it was a little too close haha. But we sat front row as you can tell. Ahhh soo amazing!

This concert was one of a kind, and it was sooo much fun.

Stacie with Tanner Stevenett, the drummer:)

Me with Tanner:)

So i had a blast. I loved his stuff so much i bought 2 of his c.d.s and i can not stop listening to them! He is so inspirational and i would go see him all the time if i could!

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