Saturday, May 28, 2011

Top 10

Here are my top 10 things that have happened in the last few days, in no particular order necessarily:)

10. I have really good grades this term, which is amazing to me. They are so good that I got an academic t-shirt and free cold stone ice cream! Completly made my day! This is a big deal for someone like me who struggggles having good grades.

9. I got my bike back, and i have taken a little ride on it almost every day since!! My favorite is when i get to go with my dad and brothers. I have so much fun. Riley just got a bike yesterday too so i am excited to get the whole family together to ride!!! More on my bike adventures later in this post....

8. I went running and i ran alot faster and longer than i ususally do. I don't think theres a better medicine out there for someone who is frustrated, heart broken, confused, and just needs to get it out some how because talking about it seems to make it worse. I kind of like when i have those feelings, and it gets you to run really hard and you feel so much better afterwards!

7. So You Think You Can Dance has finalllly started up again!! This is my absolute favorite show and i wait all year for it to start up again!! So excited for this season!

OH and p.s. if alex doesn't get on this season?? i will sue them. haha. no really though...he better.

6. Summer sno has opened!!! They tricked me, and I thought they were opening on monday but because of the weather, they opened on wednesday! So i got my first snow cone of 2011 on wednesday:) I got strawberry cheesecake, which is one of my absolute favorites. Laurie and I rode our bikes over there and met brett and sterling. We hung out and ate our snow cones for a little bit, then we got on our bikes to leave, and i looked down at my tire and got a pleasant surprise. My front tire was completly flat. I had no idea how it happened becuase i had my tires fixed just the other day, and there is no way it was flat AGAIN! I was quite upset. Well laurie and i didnt really know what to do because there was no way we could get home with my tire that way. We decided to take it apart and shove it in sterlings lovely silver car that seems like it is going to die any second. We then left lauries bike at the shack because her sister was working and could take it home. It was quite the adventure trying to get it home. My bike is now fixed again, and i just hope it holds up.

5. Stacie and I went to the Provo temple on wednesday morning. It was so awesome. It opened at 5:30 instead of 5 at the timpanogos temple, so we were first in line when we got there. It was a great experience to do it at a different temple. I just love the feeling i have when i go there, and how friendly everyone is and how it starts your day off right every time. When we walked out after were done, we were in awe at how beautiful it was. The sun was just coming up, and you have the most beautiful view from there. It was the best:) I love to see the temple and im going there someday!!! :)

4. Last night i got to work at the shack for the first time this year!! We had a blast. It was really slow so we had a party. We made up a poem that was just beautiful. SO i think i will share it with you because its inspiring:)

I like tacos

they are delish

i eat them in

and down a wish

the chicken eats beef

but he deligts in snow cones

and pickles and chicks

and aardvark bones

are thrown briskly

in slimey bricks

the blue sparkly costumes

flutter about

as they stare

and shout

at little kids and puppies

and katies giant guppies..:)

ya thats what i thought. Your inspired.

So after we made a poem we decided to have a flavor tasting contest. That was fun. We just had a blast working. Then Morgan, ali, britney, and mason came and visited us. Then felicity showed up. Then Stacie, kendra, and laurie showed up. Then drew showed up! It was a party!! We had a blast just being silly. Then we ended up closing early so i got to go to stacies and play just dance for an hour and a half before the night was over. I love that game alot:) Especially playing it with some my favorite girls in this world:)

3. School is almost over. That is just celebration in itself. I only have one more final left, and then i am done with my junior year!! hallelujiah!! or however you spell that..:)

2. On tuesday, jordan honeycutt talked to us about her india trip. It was the most interesting thing ever. She had so many good stories, and it was nice so that she just had 3 hours to kinda sit down and start at the beginning. Its hard to be like, hey jordan how was india? and have her be able to tell us right then and there. When you have such a life changing experience, you can't tell people about it in just a few minutes. This is something i totally want to do, but doubt it will because of money. Money ruins everything..gosh.

1. Can i just tell you how funny it is how you can become so sick of people? I am such a people person, and love being around all kinds of people all the time. By the end of this year, i am kinda sick of people in general. I honestly would have rather sat at home and slept instead of hung out with friends the other day. When sometimes they bring you soooo much stress, sometimes you just need a break. Its a weird feeling to me because this has never happened to me.

Well there ya go. Some things that i have been doing lately, combined with some of my thoughts running through my head.

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