Monday, May 23, 2011

pirates, expensive food, and soccer players

dang so bad at this!! I just can't keep up with this!! OK well i will just conver the basics.

Pretty much the highlight of last week was going to the prostart banquet. Well, first of all, that day was soooo beautiful. I am guessing it was at least 75 degrees. I got a surprise academic letter for prostart which totally made my day, thanks to ms. weight:) then After school, a bunch of the yw in my ward met our beloved yw leader, melanie gordon, at kneaders. She moved away to san diego last minute in last august and it made us quite sad. So she was in town so we kinda got to catch up a bit with her so that was really fun. Then i did hw in the sun with two of my most beloved friends..brooke stonely and laurie robertson:) i love them quite alot. Then i was off to the banquet in highland!! It was a very long drive, but jen and i enteirtained ourselves with lots of music that totally drove thomas up the wall the whole drive..haha. Im sure he loved us by the end of the ride. The food was quite interesting...but i enjoyed it. It was at this pretty fancy restaurant that i will probably never have a chance to go to anything like that again in my life, and i went for free! It was amazing, and just fun to be with some great people. It was a very great day. The only thing that kinda ruined it for me, was something one of the guys in my class said at dinner. It completly made my heart drop, and not in a good way. 2 Months ago it would have made my so happy, but it completly broke my heart, just the few words he said. It totally took me by surprise and i broke down again that night. Sometimes..things are alot harder to get over than you think they are going to be. OH btw the above picture is Cucini Nassi, the place we ate at:)

So then the next thing that i can remember really games. I have been to most of the boys soccer games this season, and they are just awesome! Its way fun to go and watch these boys play. You guys did awesome!

Nothing much else has happened. The usual. last friday i got to go see pirates of the carribean 4 for a private showing! I was pleasantly surprised. It was better than i thought. So that was fun:)

I have done alot of bike riding lately. After my tired popped in several places, we went to get it checked out because i needed to go in for the tuneup anyways. We got it back, and my dad got a bike too!! So we have been going on bike rides all the time:) i love that we all have something we like to do together. I just wish my mom would do it too, but she completly refuses. Too bad..:(

Well..this kinda makes me sound pathetic, but the end of the year is finally coming, and i think i am just not motivated anymore haha. So sorry for this boring post. I kinda bore myself...

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