Monday, September 19, 2011

great day my friends

Today was a great day to say the least. Nothing really exciting, nothing that changed my life, but it was just great:)

First of all, my psycology project is done! It ended up being more stressful than it needed to be just because we never really got together to do it. But Mr. Barth really liked it so i am satisfied!

Prostart we made some delicious pancakes and homemade syrups. They were actually very delicious indeed! I dont even like pancakes, and i liked them! probably because honestly they didnt even taste like them.

Conditioning was....actually fun today! We did a mile on the track to warm up, then did circuit room, and played speed for awhile. I dont know why it was so much fun for me, but i loved it! It was just one of those days when you have tons of energy, and you just could run for forever!

So then i spent an hour talked to drew and laurie playing the license plate game as people drove by on main street. Quite enteirtaining.

I then ventured to my lovely church and had volleyball practice for our little ward. No matter how old i get, i still love playing with those girls! We have so much fun. Plus we kind of dominate, so thats always fun!

Then for family night we took a little bike ride around the neighbor hood. I am so amazed right mom actually came with us!!!! Despite the little accident colliding into the fence..we are good! Note to self, dont ride on sidewalk while on tandum....My grandpa gave us one of his tandums, and its pretty nice!! I hope this becomes one of the things that we love to do as a family. It would be nice to have something we all love. We then had a great lesson on the atonement:)

heres to great days that just keep us going!!!

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