Friday, August 12, 2011

velour ..again people

here are 3 of the bands that played last night. so good. the neighbors and blind actuaries were my favorite!

the neighbors

chasing kings

blind actuaries

(paper clouds doesnt have one)

well...4th time to this amazing place. i should stop going there. its bad for my confused brain. anyways, stacie had a friend that was playing at the velour so a bunch of us decided to tag along to the concert. paper clouds(or i think they changed their name to friends of friends...), blind actuaries, chasing kings, and the neighbors were the bands playing. they were all super super good. i got two of their c.d.s and i cant stop listening to them! it was way fun and i love hearing new weird music. i will have to post some videos by them soon....

for off to bed because i have to be up at 8 so i can go to my parade for PACK! then to an 8 hour work day:) cant wait:)

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