Sunday, August 21, 2011

senior year.....

well this is what i did for the last week of my last summer of freedom:

worked 50 hours-totally made it worth it when i worked with the 3 most attractive guys on saturday. lucky me.

got my hair permed and cut-took foreeevvveerrr. it didnt even work really. what a waste of money..oh well. i still like it

bike ride with levi before i ran to work

made a poster for girls soccer ( i quite like it if you ask me)

ate a bagillion snow cones

long hard run with stac


shopping with my sister

locked my keys in my car at summer sno

laurel/priest social (helped plan it...quite proud actually. it turned out pretty fun between the j dawgs and the slip and slide)

hung out with devin drew and kendra playing scrud

got tacos at 11 after work with kendra and embaressed our selves in front of kids from our school that apparently knew us but we didnt know them..

went to the temple with drew and stacie and got kneaders-probably the highlight of my week

took a ride in drews rapist van. no worries. we were fine.

oh did i mention that we got to ride our neighbors borrowed toy? ha it was great fun

my dad

levi and i

nate and i

so now school practically starts tomorrow. i still cant belive that my senior year is here. i seriously cant grasp it. i am excited to start but then again not. this is why im excited

football games



my fun classes i have friends with

see all the people i havent seen all summer

school dances( i have decided i am going to go to every girls choice dance there is. i have a feeling i am not going to be asked to any boys choices because no one knows who i am. but thats ok. ill have fun at the girls choice ones! but i still hope i go to senior prom cuz i have never been to prom. come on. its every girls dream to go to senior prom)

and thats mostly it. these are the things i am not excited about

getting up early

going to bed early


dumb boys

drama that you always end up being in the middle of no matter how much you avoid it

cold weather

turning 18


i am just not ready to be an adult! but at the same time i want to grow up sooooo bad. sick of high school. but i love high school too. ugh so difficult for my brain haha.

heres to making our senior year the best year yet and doing all the things i never did but now im going to do! hazaww!

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  1. I love you and your blog :) Katie you'll get asked to Prom! I think I know somebody who would ask you! ;) A lot of guys know you so don't even worry! I can't believe you got your hair permed! Show me pics! Who are the 3 attractive guys? Message me on Facebook! :)