Monday, August 1, 2011

girls camp is here!!!

alright avid readers { he he ya..} sorry no posts for a whole stinkin week!! i would post something awesome tonight but my schedule wouldn't allow it!!!

{if you can name that movive..10 brownie points to you}

here is how these next 24 hours is gonna go down

this morning i have to prepare a devotional, mop floors, do secret sister gifts, then bike to work

work at summer sno from 12-4 { or hopefully getting off a little early so i can get to maceys on time..}

work at maceys from 4-11..yikes. plus i am a checker and i am still learning and i am super stressed obout this!!!

laurie is then coming over to my house to sleep over cuz her family is not home. i feel bad cuz she wont be able to come over till probably 11:20.

sleeping till probably 5 then getting up for girls camp!! that i have 2 jobs everything is super crazy cramped. oh well. i love my jobs!!!

a week of amazing girls and leaders, the spirit with you always, no technology, dirt, good food, and just everything else!! cant wait:)

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