Sunday, November 27, 2011


considering how many times i've posted in the last month....i am obviously very busy right now. between college applications, personal progress that i am trying to finish before my birthday, basketball craziness, family stuff, and just school in general? i barely have time to breathe! i haven't even posted about sadies yet! so i guess i will  do that now:)
our group was euber random but that made it super fun. we first picked up our dates and headed over to kendras dads office just like last year, and we decorated our capes. they were so occupied by all the toys in the room that we spent wayyy too much time their but we were having so much fun just playing with toys! so  then we dropped them off and we got dressed and dinner ready, and then picked them back up for pictures. we had a blast taking these pictures!
mandy and zach-aquaman!
kendra and tanner-batman 
stacie and dakota-captain america

after we took pictures up dry canyon we went to have homemade cafe rio at the office again. it was super delicious! we decided to have a candlelight dinner with tea lights that we found in the kitchen and we decorated it all tacky.  it was pretty much the best. after we had our way chill dinner and ate a ton of spicy green ranch, we headed over to the mall to do a scavenger hunt. after that we headed over to the dance! it was way fun until some stupid kids decided to throw a glowstick at the dj when he kept telling us to stop moshing...sometimes i wonder what kids are thinking. after that half the dance left, so it was pretty lame after that but we stayed until the end.  

after the dance we went to the office again and had ice cream sundaes for dessert and just hung out for awhile.  

the boys
pretty sure we were the coolest..just sayin
parker and i
chelsea and gary-robin

lisa and devin-spiderman

parker and i - superman
hannah and mckay-green lantern

this is probably my favorite picture ever haha. i dont know what stacie was doing but i sure do look horrified 

then we had the long dreaded doorstep scene. pretty sure I had the most awkward car door scene..haha.  it was actually pretty funny. all in was a great date. not sure how it was going to go, but in the end it worked out.  thanks for putting up with me parker! 
p.s. yes...i am wearing gold leggings. and yes i bought them at 9 on saturday right before our day date.

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